Find Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Find Who Unfollowed You On Instagram | Best Ways

When you are on a social platform such as facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the only thing that most of us are aiming at is getting maximum likes or having several followers! In such an instance, it would be only natural for the app users to be inquisitive about who is unfollowing them. So if you are on Instagram and trying to figure out who just unfollowed you, we have some help at hand…

Best Tools to Find the Who Unfollowed You On Instagram:

If you have tried Google search for the same subject, you will see a number of guides or applications for the purpose. Some of the popular applications for the purpose are:

  • Social Insight
  • Social Bakers
  • Picodash
  • Unfollowgram
  • StatusBrew
  • Unfollowers for Instagram (Android)
  • Instafollow (iOS and Android)
  • Followers+ (iOS and Android)

Surprisingly any of these applications (that are the result of Google search) will not help you in any way to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram just like you cannot figure out who viewed your profile on Facebook! While it is not possible to figure out exactly who unfollowed you on Instagram, most of the above third party applications will let you find out the number of people that have unfollowed you Instagram.

How do the applications do that?

The applications use simple mathematics to find out the number of people who unfollowed you on Instagram. This is possible since the application is able to track the profile of the user and find out the number of followers at a given point of time. This list is then compared with the new number of followers and if there is any loss in numbers, it is automatically made out. However, it is not possible to make out who unfollowed you.

How to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram:

So you must have figured out by now that there is no official way of finding out who unfollowed you on Instagram, whether through the application itself or by some third party applications. But in case you need to know anyhow, here’s how you can do it manually, yourself:

  1. You can choose any of the applications that are mentioned above and then sign in. For Android users, Unfollowers for Instagram is recommended while for IOS users Instafollow is highly recommended.
  2. Next you should go to MagiMetrics, CrowdBabble or any of the similar services and then sign up for the new account.
  3. It will ask for the permission to access your Instagram profile. Authorize it to do so.
  4. You would be able to see a complete list of your Instagram followers. Export that lists to either Excel or CSV.
  5. You must save the list of names carefully and ideally save the file with the current date.
  6. When the application that you have chosen (Unfollowers for Instagram or Instafollow) shows that someone just unfollowed you, can go back to services like MagiMetrics or CrowdBabble and generate a list of your Instagram followers once again.
  7. You are now in a position to compare the first list with the new list and find out the duplicates in Excel.
  8. Simple mathematics of finding out the names that are not the duplicates will tell you exactly the people who have unfollowed you on Instagram!

While this might sound like a tedious process, it’s a sure-shot way of finding out exactly who unfollowed you on Instagram.

The straightest logic here is that the application of Instagram itself does not want its users to know who unfollowed them. The reason might be as simple as etiquettes of social applications or socializing. Even third-party applications do not incorporate this feature for the simple reason that it is like violating the terms and conditions of Instagram.

What you need to be extremely careful about is that you are not sharing your Instagram profile with any application that is not trustworthy. When it’s about a social platform and networking, privacy and security should be your top priority and not finding out who followed you on Instagram!

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