Check Visa Gift Card Balance Online

Holding a Visa card can come as a major convenience to you especially if you don’t like carrying cash. You can swipe the card at any store and make payments without worrying about the amount present in it. You don’t have to wait for a long time in a queue and waste your time writing checks to pay bills, etc. Since it’s such an important source of money in your pocket, it is important to make sure that you have a certain amount present in it always.

Not only is having an idea about your visa gift card balance important to make payments, but you should also know the balance while withdrawing cash from the account for any purpose. This would make sure you are not wasting your time inquiring about the balance at the eleventh hour and trouble yourself. Additionally, you might also have to go through some embarrassment if any of this happens in a public place.

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Best Ways to Check Visa Gift Card Balance:

There are various methods that people use to check visa gift card balance, some of them are mentioned below:

Check Your Balance Online:

One of the best and the simplest ways to check your visa gift card balance is to do it online. This can be done only if you have registered your bank details for online banking. In order to check your balance online, all you have to do is open your bank’s official website which could be provided to you either on the card itself or your passbook. Once you have opened the website, go to the online banking option and proceed as per the directions provided.

Usually, you start with entering your card number which is present on the front of your card. The number consists of 16 digits and should be entered very carefully. The next step is to enter the security number which is of 3 digits. This security number is mentioned on the back of the card and you might be required to peel off a cover to make the code visible. The website might also ask you to verify that you are a robot by checking on a box and enter a verification code that would be provided on the screen. Once done, click on the ‘check balance’ and wait for your balance to appear.

Use the company’s phone application:

This is where your smartphone comes to aid. The visa gift card balance can also be checked by using the application of the company on your smartphone. The application can be downloaded to your phone, tablet, etc. The application is present on the Google play store or Apple app store. In order to check your visa gift card balance on the app, all you have to do is log in to the app with your bank details. Once done, you have to wait for a second or two, after which the app itself will show you the transaction details, history, and the current balance. You would also be able to see your rewards if any and their current balance as well. Downloading the app can let you view your balance anywhere you want to and also check on your recent activities as well.

Stop by an ATM, bank, etc.:

If you don’t feel like using the processes mentioned above, you can always stop by any nearest ATM and check your balance from there. You can even stop by your bank and collect the necessary information from the employee assigned. For checking your balance using an ATM, all you have to do is go to the machine and insert your card. Proceed as per the directions provided by the machine. It would ask you to enter your PIN and then select the type of account you hold with the bank. The next option would be to withdraw cash, change pin or check balance. Select check balance and your available balance will be shown to you on the screen. An important thing to remember is that the ATM will ask you for a meager fee for providing you with the visa gift card balance information.

Customer Care Service:

If nothing helps, calling customer care service can be your final resort. If noticed carefully, every visa card has a toll free number present on its back. In case of any confusion or problem, you can call the number and ask for the solution. In order to check your balance with the customer care service, you will have to provide them with the card number present on the back of your card and the code as well. The assigned employee will let you know the balance information and provide you with other solutions related to your card if you happen to have any.

Final words:

Visa card is a very convenient option for people who like shopping without carrying extra cash. You don’t have to worry about the amount you have in your purse. You can shop as much you want by just using your visa card at any store that accepts card payments. Since you will be able to check on the card balance so easily, you would also save yourself from any embarrassment and would confidently carry your visa card wherever you want to. Use the above-mentioned methods to check the visa gift card balance without putting any extra efforts in the process. The methods mentioned above are easy and take no time to get completed.

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