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GameStop Corporation is a video game resale company that was invented in America for retailing consumer electronics and wireless services. The company is distributed into two other defined segments, one of which operates with video games and the other with technology. The latter brand was introduced in the fourth quarter. The former brand segment, however, includes consumer electronics, video games, and other retail accessories.

A Brief Information About GameStop Brand:

The company has amplified customer satisfaction by providing various avenues where customers can find avenues to invest in the company’s services. Amongst its various concepts, the most significant would be the introduction of the Game Informer magazine which is sold through subscriptions only. This magazine includes preludes from all the existing video games and also involves information regarding the upcoming series of games. Once purchased, it allows users to access the underlying features of popular video games.

Understanding the importance of the platform that motivates sales and allows gaming enthusiasts to connect with the company’s services, GameStop has come up with a version of the GameStop PC, previously known as Impulse is a platform that allows users to download their favorite games with unlimited access. GameStop TV is another motive of the company deliberated to suffice their customers with updates, interviews, and product demonstrations regarding video games.

Benefits of TellGameStop Survey:

Along with the services mentioned above, GameStop has introduced a platform for customer surveys through the TellGameStop service. Running two businesses parallel requires increased supervision and close acknowledgment of the views and opinions of the customer. Moreover, the sectors of the company individually operate and own several other companies. Hence, GameStop together has a huge audience base but one particular platform for the customers to convey their feedbacks. This further makes the customer survey more important than it looks.

The survey intends to reflect customer validation for all the existing and upcoming resources. Hence, with the help of this survey, the company has opened up the notion of perfect competition in the market, for now, they can make themselves somewhat aware of the trends in the market for consumer electronics and video games. As a result, the company acknowledges the ardent efforts of the customers by involving certain gifts and cash benefits that the participants will receive on the completion of the survey.

Rules & Requirements of Tell GameStop Survey and Sweepstakes:

By perfecting the rules of the survey, one can clear their path towards winning up to $100 for just one survey. The relevant rules to be followed can be stated as:

  • Receipts: One must essential store the receipt of any of their purchases from GameStop which contains the feedback code which is required during entry.
  • Expiration: The validity of every receipt for entering the survey lasts up to three days and less, after which the survey code expires.
  • Browser: The use of a compatible browser is a must. The browser compatible with the TellGameStop survey is Chrome and Firefox for Android and windows or Safari for IOS.

These are the only rules required for entering the sweepstakes, however, one can be ensured about their gifts only after they have won the sweepstake following the given set of rules:

  • Age: The participant must necessarily be 18 years or above to take part in the sweepstakes.
  • Country: The survey code is valid only for the 50 states of the US which provide for the avenues for conducting this survey.
  • Employees: The employees of the company or the immediate family members will be debarred from taking the survey.

After completely abiding by the rules as stated, one might prepare themselves and enhance their chance of winning a cash prize of $100 by acknowledging themselves to the following requirements of the survey:

  • The feedback code or the particular store number as prescribed by the retailers.
  • A PC or an Android Smartphone with a proper internet connection.
  • An active email account.
  • The age barrier of 18 and above.

Fulfilling the various requisites for the survey, a participant can enter into the sweepstakes by any of the three methods. First, the customer can opt for the online survey through the survey portal, fill out the questionnaire and gain access to the GameStop sweepstakes. Second, the customer can directly opt for the sweepstakes link by visiting the GameStop online site. Third, the participant can directly ask for mail-in entry from GameStop.

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Method to Involved in TellGameStop Survey:

Confirming the access to a valid receipt one can enter the sweepstakes by answering general feedback questions of the Tell GameStop survey. For this, a participant has to visit the survey portal from the link given in the receipt, progressing with the link the participant will be asked to choose their preferred language from a given range of options. On doing this, the participant will come across the sweepstakes rules that must be thoroughly validated.

Understanding the eligibility criteria of the regular sweepstakes drawings, a participant will be asked to fill in their associate number in the space provided. This number is also the date mentioned in the receipt in question and also represents the identity of the associate of the same store. Moving forward, once you have entered the feedback code and answered the survey questions, you can gain complete access to the sweepstakes. However, if the customer fails to obtain their receipt, they can still participate with the relevant store number the option for which has to be chosen at the beginning of the survey.

The questions in the last round of the survey expound the philosophy of the overall satisfaction of the customers. The customers are asked about their intentions behind participating in the survey; recommendations received or exchanged the quality and availability of the products, the discrepancies in the management of your product, and finally the overall rating that each customer would like to designate to the company in exchange for its services. This will further help the customers and the owners to maintain a more transparent relationship.

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