How to Download Steam on Mac?

Gaming on Mac is a powerful experience that will drive you crazy for playing if you are a game lover. Steam games are the most developed games with all updated features. It enables you to connect with other players, and on Mac, it gives the experience that is out of the world.

If you want to play steam games on Mac, first install the steam game sin your Mac.

Steam on Mac – Download & Installation Steps

Wondering how to install? There are some steps you have to follow to enjoy playing steam games on Mac. For that, you have to install it on your Mac. Steam needs 1 GB of drive space for a successful installation. Steam games are supportable in windows.

  • Go to the official site of steam games.
  • Now, click on install steam. The system can detect that you are on Mac.
  • The steam games steam.dmg will save in ‘downloads’ of your Mac.
  • If you are using the mac original ‘Safari’ browser, then directly check your downloaded app in its toolbar.
  • Tap on ‘agree.’
  • Or Go to downloads and click on steam.dmg if you are using any other browser.
  • As the windows open, create the shortcut of the steam icon in the application folder.
  • Then launch steam from the shortcut you have created in your Mac.
  • Before the launch of the steam application, there will be a warning and click on ‘allow to download the application from the internet.’
  • Click allow and open it.

Using Guide For Steam on MAC:

Now, after installing, you have to create a new account if you are using it the first time. If you are using the steam game for the first time, then you will get a security code for verification of device and email. Now let’s start creating your account on steam for enjoying amazing steam games.

  • Tap on ‘create an account.’
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the account.
  • Enter your details such as name, age, and create username and password.
  • Choose The password of at least eight characters and should be strong so that no one can access your account. Your password must not include words ‘Steam’ or ‘Valve’.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Tap on Next.
  • After your account ultimately set up, you can print your details.
  • Save your details as PDF and then click on the finish icon.
  • As you receive the confirmation mail, click on the link given in the mail.
  • Now sum up with the mobile number and recovery account.

And you are ready to play steam on your Mac. And connect with other players by creating and joining the groups. Set up your profile, make your profile public so that the people can see you and be ready to join the stem profile.

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Steam Games on MAC:

Now, after you have set up and log in your account, you will get a vast library and see many games to choose from.

  • Search among the games which are meant for Mac.
  • Add the chosen game to cart
  • Select the method to pay
  • Click purchase after adding the payment details.
  • Purchase and download the game.
  • In steam, you can only access the games but cannot play it. You have to download the games on your Mac.

When you know everything about installing and playing the steam games then what to wait for. Enjoy the exclusive steam games on Mac.

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