How to Check Starbucks Gift Card Balance?

For coffee lovers, Starbucks is no stranger. The internationally known coffee shop is a true haven for those looking to relax with a sip of some aromatic coffee. And now the brand has some more good news for its visitors. A Starbucks Gift Card for a loved one or acquaintance, a perfect way to make them feel special.

Brief Information Starbucks Gift Card:

It’s a form of eGift to the card recipient, enabling them to redeem certain rewards on their card in-store. The rewards could range anything from money to discounts and free vouchers on purchase of coffee or anything else at Starbucks. All you got to do is choose a lovely design for your eGift, add a personalized message, and put the amount you’d like to gift the card recipient. You can then send the card to whoever you like via email by just entering the email address of the recipient.

The card can be a perfect gift choice for any occasion – a way to say thank you to a friend for always being there, a birthday gift to anyone, an employee-appreciation method, a way to cheer up and encourage a friend who’s feeling low, or a gift to your beloved. Basically, an anytime anywhere treat for anyone who loves Starbucks coffee and yummy treats.

How to Check your Starbucks Gift Card Balance?

Once you’ve got the card either in-store or online, the first thing you’d like to do is check the balance on your gift card to know how much you can actually redeem. Note that you’re entitled to use your gift card at any Starbucks store to buy coffee or any other goodie on offer at the coffee shop. There are several ways you can go about using your Starbucks gift card –

1. From your Starbucks Account

If you’re a registered member at the coffee shop, you can sign in to your Starbucks account to check the balance on your card. For this, you’ll need to type out the gift card number and the security code, both of which can be found printed at the back of the card. Then click Enter to view the balance.

2. iPhone App

You can also choose to view the card balance by downloading the Starbucks mobile app for iPhone. Upon downloading, you need to sign in to your Starbucks account and select Pay. You can then view the remaining card balance.

3. Android App

The procedure is the same just like the app for iPhone, only this time you need to click on Refresh Balance to view your card’s balance on the mobile app.

How to Optimise the Use of your Gift Card?

You can choose to register your Starbucks gift card in the company’s rewards program and make the best use of your card. This is because for every dollar you spend at Starbucks, you can actually earn Starbucks stars like rewards. And the higher the rewards earned, the more access you gain to special promotions at the store.

What More Can I Do with My Starbucks Gift Card?

You can ensure that you never run out of balance on your gift card, especially when you’re standing at the checkout ready to pay and realize that you’re out of balance. Just set the option to automatically reload your card by using your Starbucks mobile app. All you need to do is just set a certain amount you wish to automatically reload your card with each time.

You can also get Starbucks gift cards at great discounts from a number of leading online stores like Amazon, Paypal, and the like. Just visit one of them to know more details on how to get a discounted gift card so you can actually get more of them to gift more people for the same occasion or different ones.

Summing Up

Starbucks is a great place for coffee lovers. It’s one of the highly popular and favorite brands for a lot of people who like to enjoy coffee with a class. However, it does tend to be slightly more unaffordable to some. Therefore, Starbucks gift cards are a perfect way to enjoy your coffee worry free anytime.

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