How to Save Snapchat Stories | Best Apps

Snapchat is the popular social media platform that engages millions of users from across the world to share their videos, photos, thoughts, and stories with friends. This platform even allows you to chat with your friends and do a lot many things with a single application. Every day millions of people use this social media platform and exploring all the Snapchat videos and stories is an endless job and engrossing too.

There are many people who like some of the stories and snaps and want to save them without the consent of the other users. It is possible to take a screenshot of the stories, but the drawback associated is that it would immediately inform the person whose story you have saved or used. This can be shameful on time. But you are not required to feel embarrassed anymore as there are applications available that let you Save Snapchat Stories without making the users know about it.

1. SnapSave

SanpSave is the most commonly used application to Save Snapchat Stories and it can be used both on iOS and Android devices. It is one of the oldest story savers for Snapchat and it offers some quality results when it comes to saving some of the Snapchat stories without letting the real owner know about it.

But you need to download the application form 3rd party sources online as it is not available on the official App Store of Android and iOS. However, you need to know that this application is not free to use as it comes with $5 as a fee which you need to spend one time when downloading its web version.

2. SnapKeep

One of the clean and tidy applications with easy to use interface, SnapKeep proves to be the best applications that let you to Save Snapchat Stories with ease. You simply need to download the application which is made available both for iOS and Android platforms and you can even use the application as you default Snapchat App too.

The application shares the same interface of Snapchat and hence novice users won’t find it challenging to make use of it when it comes to saving the stories on Snapchat. You are allowed to draw the doodles on the pictures and even upload them directly from the gallery of your device easily. With just a tap of the button, you can start saving all the stories with ease.

3. SnapBox

Another popular Snapchat save the application, SnapBox is popularly used and it is made available for both iOS and Android devices. The interface of the application is very simple and easy to use and it allows you to easily Save Snapchat Stories with few clicks of the mouse.

The important aspect that you need to keep in mind while using the application is to ensure that you log out from the original Snapchat account prior to using it. It allows you to save the Snaps easily and store it directly to the memory of your phone with ease. The application is free to use and it comes with some pre-installed features for easy saving experience.

4. SnapCrack

If you are looking for an efficient and modern day Snapchat saver, then settle with SanpCrack which is designed to help maximize your social media engagement. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and this application enables you to save all the Snapchat stories with ease.

The application not just only Save Snapchat Stories, but also allows you to view the images and stories later that you have saved. You can even share the saved images and stories with your friends and others on varied platforms. Like all other 3rd party applications, SnapCrack do comes with some limitations. You can’t use the application continuously to save stories on Snapchat, you need to give some break as it can’t be used simultaneously.

These were some of the top picks which are worth considering when it comes to Save Snapchat Stories without letting the users know about it. But you are not limited to these options only as there are many other options available which you may. There are applications solely designed for iOS devices, while some of the applications can be used on Android, Windows.

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