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Rugby World Cup Live Streaming Sites, Channels & TV Apps

The biggest rugby fans will never miss out on a single fixture of the world cup that is being hosted by Japan for the very first time. If you too are one of them then you surely want to know about the websites that will stream the matches live.

Watch Rugby World Cup Streaming Sites 2019:

1. NBC Universal Channel:

Your location does not matter when you opt for this channel. This channel offers free streaming. Just make sure that you have a compatible device and internet connection that has good speed. With this channel, you can subscribe to official channels like Fox Sports, Asia, etc.

2. ITV:

This is also a free option that you may try. All that you need to do to subscribe for the service is to sign up. In the free option, there will be commercials that will keep coming in between the matches. If you do not want to get disturbed with the advertisements then you need to opt for their paid service. In the paid service there are no advertisements.

3. J Sports:

If you are in Japan then this channel is one of the best options. You will be able to watch them live on this channel. They have the on-demand video option as well but this on-demand video option is a paid service. All that you have to do is sign up for this channel and then you can stream all the matches easily.

4. Spark New Zealand:

This is the option that one must choose if they are in New Zealand. They have monthly as well as an annual subscription. If you are a new user who is signing up for the rugby world cup then you can even get discounts. To watch this channel you will need a compatible device and high-speed internet connection.

5. TF1:

If you are in France then you must choose TF1. This is a free service. All that you have to do is sign up for the service. Here too all that you need is a compatible device and a good internet connection.

6. Fox Sports:

This is also one of the best options that one can try. There are no charges for the streaming. However, some specific plans are chargeable. Rugby lovers in many countries prefer to opt for this channel.

Official website of Rugby World cup:

On the official website also you can expect really good service. You will have access to videos as well as matches. Just sign up for their free services and you are done.

No Cable? Then this is how you can watch Rugby World cup:

In case you do not have cable then to you can opt for live streaming services. Wondering how? Then here are the options that you can explore.

Sling TV:

Their basic plan starts at $ 25 and it has almost 35 channels. They have tied up with Big Four Networks, Cable Networks, sports networks, etc. They have a 7-day free trial offer. You can use this trial offer to check the services and then you can opt for their paid services.

Fubo TV:

This service is mainly for sports lovers. They too have a 7-day trial period during which you can try out their different services. Then you can subscribe for their package. Their basic package cost $44.99 and in this package, you will get more than 75 channels. In their package they have Fox sports which mean that you can easily watch Rugby matches. They have compatibility with Roku and Firestick devices also.

Hulu with Live TV:

This service is still in the testing phase. The basic package costs $40 per month. In this, you will get around 50 to 70 channels. Out of these 14 channels are sports channels. So this is a real treat for sports lovers.

PlayStation Vue:

Here you will get very good quality streaming service. Yes but the charges of this service are pretty high. The basic plan’s cost is $45 per month. In this, you will get 45 channels. The streaming quality of these channels is very good. In this, you will get 5 sports channels. This includes Fox sports channel which means you can easily watch the Rugby world cup matches. They have a 5-day trial plan which you can use to test their services and then you can subscribe for one of their packages depending on your requirement.

YouTube TV:

They provide city by city streaming updates. You will get important sports channels like Fox Sports, ABC, NBC, CBS etc on this streaming service. The basic pack is priced at $40 per month and in this, you will get 70 channels. Out of these 15 are sports channels. They do not offer any free trial period.


This is a free service. You just have to sign up and all that you need is a good internet connection and a compatible device. Since this is a free service the video quality is not that good. But this is a good option for those who want to watch the rugby world cup matches but do not want to subscribe for any pain services.

Mobile Apps to Watch Rugby Match:

Finally here is one more option that you can explore to watch the Rugby world cup matches easily and this option is using the mobile app. All that you need to do is download the Rugby World Cup 2019 official mobile app. The app can be used for Android phones as well as for Apple phones and you need to download the app from their respective app stores.

The best thing is that you can download the app for free. It is very easy to download the app. Install it on your smartphone and then you can easily watch the Rugby world cup 2019 matches live. So these are the options that you can explore in order to watch the rugby world cup 2019 matches live.

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