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The online game of Roblox really needs no introduction, does it? This multi-player game has earned millions of viewers and gamers across the world real soon. Whether it’s the plot or the format, the user interface or just sheer curiosity aroused through word of mouth, the game is a sure win among Internet users today. And like almost every other successful venture, Roblox too has certain “grey areas”, which has made the game vulnerable to hacks by certain people with malicious intents. The most common issue we’re referring to here is password guessing. Before we get into detail over it, it’s worth a reference here as to why the issue poses a problem to the game.

Roblox allows its users access to create their own virtual characters and even sell them to other users, creating openings to earn money. Now with this kind of lucrative incentive, certain players want to enter the game simply to earn an advantage in their favor. They find hacking the easiest and shortest way to do so.

Top Means of Roblox Password Guessing:

1. Hacking

Getting illegal access to the user’s system or device and guessing their password for Roblox has become fairly common practice. To make things easier for hackers, several websites exist that provide access to a detailed list of common passwords. Then there are PC installers that can be easily downloaded by anyone as well as mobile apps for the same purpose.

Interestingly, considering the huge demand for such lists, some websites offer them for free while some even choose to sell them for a huge price. And there are several takers for them too even at that price.

2. Social media platform

This is another of the most popular methods being resorted to for guessing Roblox passwords. Hackers try and use the information available on the user’s social media account to guess the possible password for their user account on Roblox.

There are many people who always keep their username and password consistent across all their accounts.The same password is kept for bank accounts, social media accounts, and gaming accounts –served it right on a platter to the hacker.

3. Malware

This can be slightly tougher than the previous two methods. Creating malware for getting hold of sensitive user data is quite tough to develop and needs a lot of expertise in the domain. The hacker has to be really skilled at the task. But those who find the job a piece of cake and get what they want in no time.

4. Phishing emails

Phishing is quite common these days wherein an individual might pose as a legitimate institution authorized to obtain sensitive data from another person. This might include their bank account details, credit card numbers, username, passwords, and the like. They may carry out this fraudulent practice by contacting people via emails or telephone.

So, through phishing emails, i.e., composing certain types of fake emails to convince people to reveal their sensitive data, hackers try and get to a user’s gaming account password. They might ask the user to click on some links which ask for login credentials.

How to Prevent Password Guessing for Roblox?

Even though some people might be smarter than you in doing this task, consider yourself no less. You too can outsmart them by following a few simple tips below.

  • Don’t use what’s commonly used– Information that can be easily guessed or obtained from your social media accounts like date of birth, marriage anniversary, names of kids, etc. should never be used as passwords. Instead, use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Wear your thinking cap; it’s worth it!
  • Don’t keep them too short – You make them easier to guess. Try keeping long passwords and again those that are difficult to figure out.
  • Take the help of tools – Password Manager and Strong Password Generator are some tools available online for your ready help if you fail to think of something creative.
  • Never share it – Goes without saying; your password is your most private information. Keep it only to yourself.


The Internet is a tough world out there; beware of hackers. Keep your password safe and enjoy gaming without a worry.

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