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Are you a PUG enthusiast? Are most of your free time spent in the bloody battlegrounds of PUBG mobile? If that is so, then we bring to you PUBG mod apk. If you are addicted to this game then, this modded apk could prove to be your elixir to unlimited riches within the game. More than 100 million downloads in a single year depict the popularity of this game, and most want to possess the shiny outfits along with the attractive weapon skins. However, the exorbitantly expensive in-game currency makes it quite difficult for people to purchase them. This coupled with a few more reasons are why we bring to you the mod apk for PUBG.

PUBG Mod Apk: What is a Mod Apk?

A mod, even though it might sound cute, is illegal in every aspect. A mod essentially means a modification of an application originally released by an individual or a corporation. So what’s illegal about it? When an application is being released by an enterprise or an individual, that enterprise or the individual holds the copyright. This means that any sort of change or modifications can only be done by that entity. Mod apk’s are the modded version of any app that is cracked or contains unlimited resources of that particular app.

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PUBG Mod Apk Features:

The main aspect of modded content is its endless features that are absent in normal features or are too expensive to be purchased. For PUBG mod apk, it is the unlimited UC followed by an absence of recoil along with an anti-ban tool, lastly, a do away with the time limit. However, you might be asking yourself that, how does one make a modded apk? Well, to answer that, it is the work of brilliant coders and testers at the same time who identify a bug within a game and sue it to exploit the in-game environment.

Unlimited UC

Owing to its snowballed popularity, PUBG has decided to cash it in through attractive outfits, some of which border on tomfoolery (judgy much!). Now people spend a lot of PUBG UC to buy these outfits and even weapon skins. However, no one possesses that much wealth to buy them all. So to bring an end to the spending spree this mod has been used. With this, you can buy as many outfits as you want!

No recoil

For some players, it is extremely difficult to kill another; this is mainly due to the heavy recoil of the weapons. Recoil steps these people from becoming pros in the game. This mod eradicates the existence of recoil thereby making it very easy to kill other players.

Anti Ban

Now, this anti-ban terminology might be a bit dicey, to say the least. This mod was developed by identifying a bug in the game and exploits its existence. However, if PUBG developers find out that bug and fix it, they would be able to trace and ban the players using this bug. Nevertheless, it would be very difficult to trace and put an end to this bug.

No time limit

PUBG has put in a new aspect of locking the game for 24 hours after it has been played for more than 6 hours in a day. This was essentially put in place to ensure a healthy lifestyle being held by an individual with enough social interaction and for kids to have enough study time. However, this mode bypasses this restriction and you can use this mod to play 24 hours a day, not that we recommend it.

Steps to Install the Pubg Mod Apk:

Bellow are the simplest steps to install any game, follow them and you would be able to run the PUBG mod apk.

  • Download the apk along with the obb files (data files)
    Download PUBG MOD APK
  • Install the apk.
  • Go to the android folder in files manager, open the Tencent folder and paste the obb files in there
  • Run the game

So, folks, this is essentially everything you need to know about PUBG mod apk. Is this a hack? Yes, it is plain and simply a hack. There also exists a chance that you might get banned from the game so we advise you to use a different account other than your original account to use this apk. Since PUBG is updating its security and has taken an additional precaution of introducing an anti-cheat engine. Of this bug is discovered, so will you and your account, and it would ultimately lead to a ban.

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