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Launched on 20 December 2017 PUBG turns out to be the best selling as also the most addictive game to date with over 50 million copies sold worldwide. At the earliest, PUBG was launched as a game only for Microsoft Windows. With its increasing craze among players, it was developed and released for android mobiles and turned out to be an instant hit. PUBG is an acronym that stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and was developed and published by PUBG Corporation. Its increasing demand can be seen among people of all ages.

PUBG presents itself with some cool features that were not present in any online shooter games before and that is what makes it stand out among all other contemporaries.

PUBG Game Plot

PUBG is so highly addictive that youngsters cannot stop investing their time in this game. PUBG allows a gamer to play as a single-player or duo or in a squad. Since its commencement, this game offered only one map, namely Erangle and several other maps are added later. Players have to choose one of the servers from Asia, Europe, North America, KRGP and others. The game starts with around 100 players in the lobby who are airdropped on their chosen map. After their landing on an abandoned map, gamers are supposed to get equipped with lethal weapons and launch an attack on over their opponents. However, players have to make sure they remain in a safe zone circled by a blue line.

The players also can heal themselves and revive their teammates within a limited amount of time. Thus, the last player standing on the ground wins a chicken dinner title. It also offers them other reward points. People get to choose their map (between Erangle, Miramar, and Sanhok). In its latest development, it has also offered a new map, named Vikendi. Which map is your favorite one? It also offers Arcade modes for small gaming sessions. Within every season, players tend to maintain their K/D (Kill-Damage) ratio, which puts them to the top-ranking leader board. With its monthly up-gradation, it also adds more weapons, themes, and skills.

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Price & subscription of PUBG:

PUBG is free to download from online or from play store for android mobile users. A player can log in to the game with their Facebook or Google account. It also allowed a user to open a guest account, if they are not having one, however, with increasing reports of crimes related to cheating and hacking, developers have omitted the option of opening a guest account which has subsequently reduced hackers in-game. As stated before, PUBG is free to download; however, it offers some in-game purchase options to its gamers. A user can buy a royal pass for exclusive theme parks or cool weapons.

PUBG mobile prime subscription can cost you around $9.99 monthly (approx 714 INR). it also offers an introductory price of $4.99 which is 357 INR approximately. With this payment, you can avail 300 PUBG UC for free, an ID card for changing your in-game name, Special crate coupons or Free Royal Pass Missions. You can also get 20 UC on a daily login. Exciting! Right? With its recent update, players also get to convert their excessive BPs into UCs. However, if you want to buy an original PC or Xbox version of PUBG you may have to spend around $29.99 (2141 INR approx). Pretty affordable right?

Why is PUBG so addictive?

PUBG has reached a level where young people are ready to compromise everything for this game. As mentioned before, PUBG is free to download. You must also be aware that android emulators have made it possible for Windows users to play this game on pc too. There happened to be other open-world games with little restrictions before, however, PUBG has slashed all restrictions and allowed players to experience the game in their way. It allows players to develop their strategies to win matches. Gamers get to choose their game pattern, aggressive or defensive. All these prerogatives make it quite famous than other contemporary games.

For the first gameplay, the controls feel a little odd. PUBG has worked toward offering a slightly different gaming experience and put everyone under the same umbrella. However, after several gaming sessions, a player feels quite adaptive. It is surprising to know that 8% of PUBG players all over the world belong to India. With the gradual toughness of this game, some players have also devised some ways of cheating in the game through cheat codes and hacking.

PUBG Cheat Codes & Hacks:

PUBG was infected much earlier, with the launch of it by cheat codes and reported hacks. With the gradual development of PUBG, hackers also developed their cheat codes and ways of hacking. From aimbot to Car fly and from God’s view to speed hacks, PUBG was much infected with all the cheat codes.  Here is a list of some important cheat codes for you for better understanding of their work process_

1. Aimbot

It is one of the simplest hacks and is used by almost all hackers. It helps a hacker for aiming an enemy and lock target automatically. This simple hack is also detectable by the PUBG anti-cheat engine and can ban your account for ten years. Hackers often get to lock aim for a headshot and this is where they draw the attention of others.

2. Wallhack

It falls under the category of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) hacks. This is a dangerous hack used by professionals. This can help a hacker to shoot an enemy even if he is under a wall cover. Not only that! A hacker can locate necessary objects lying in buildings with a simple scan.

3. No Recoil

This is another sophisticated hack that is most used by hackers. PUBG, as a shooting game, is much harder for its excessive recoil. He, who has mastered the capabilities of controlling gun recoil, can easily enjoy “winner winner chicken dinner”! However, with this hack, a hacker can put a complete stop on any gun recoil.

4. Speed Hack

A speed hack is very useful to stay inside a safe zone. This hack speeds up your car and also helps you to run faster.

5. Car Fly

Car Fly hack helps you to fly your car in the air, thus making it impossible for an enemy to spot you or shoot you properly. A car fly combined with speed hack offers exclusive charm to a hacker.

There are several ways to penetrate PUBG. You can choose to cheat with third-party apps or choose cheat codes to change game scripts. However, it is up to you to choose how you want to play PUBG. Only you need to take care that you don’t come under your spectator’s spotlight, as 10 years of ban really hurts!

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