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Player Unknows Battlegrounds is a battle royale game available on PC that is built from the DNA of Arma. This game is a straight cut blood sport at the mercy of an arena filled with Gods, the loot lord to the goddess of circles and so on. The moment you lunge out of the cargo plane, you pray to the god of loot for semi-automatics or Assault rifles to hit you the moment you land so that you can clear off the enemies that have landed near you. Word of advice, a nearby enemy could be equally or more blessed than you are!

Not long after you are done with your first wave of prayers, you need to pray to the goddess of circles, the one who decides the safe zone location. Apart from these two major, fictional deities, there is the lord of crates who sometimes bless you with a long-barrelled magnum and lastly the lord of luck whom you need at all times.

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PUBG: Payments, System Specs & GameModes

Semi randomized systems govern this competitive third-person or first-person shooter game, although this might seem capricious at times, its major reason for success is because of its lack of conventional balance. You are right in the middle of an unfair maelstrom and that is exactly where you want to be or else it is death by zone. To acquire this piece of hilarious, messy digital madness you need to shell out $ 30 and own a mid-level PC to enjoy the madness.

PUBG For PC: Minimum Requirements

Name Specification
OS Windows 64 bit (7,8.1,10)
Memory 8 GB
CPU Intel Core i5 4430/ AMD FX 6300
GPU Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 960 (2 GB)/ AMD Radeon R7 370 2 GB
Direct X 11
Network Broadband
Storage 30 GB

Above is the list for the bare bone requirement to run Pubg, it would allow you to play PUBG on pc with an average fps of 40 to 50 while capping at 70 fps. However, when engaged in an intense battle the fps goes below 30 often hitting 25.

PUBG PC: Recommended Requirements

Name Specification
OS Windows 64 bit (7,8.1,10)
Memory 16 GB
CPU Intel Core i5 6600k/ AMD Ryzen 5 1600
GPU Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1060 (3 GB)/ AMD Radeon RX 580 4 GB
Direct X 11
Network Broadband
Storage 30 GB

This list here is a synopsis to run PUBG in a smooth and lag-free fashion. This setup would provide you with an average FPS rating of 60 to 80 while capping at 100 and intense battles would see the FPS going down to 45.

PUBG Game modes:

Category Type Sub-type
Classic Solo





Solo FPP

Solo TPP

Duos FPP

Duos TPP

Squad FPP

Squad TPP

Other Training mode
Custom Zombie




The FPP and the TPP translate to ‘First-person perspective’ and ‘Third person perspective’, respectively. So as you can see from the list above that PUBG offers a plethora of game modes, you can choose to pair up with a friend or a group of three friends in duos or squad mode respectively. Or you can go all Chuck Norris on 99 other players in the intensive and risky solo mode. These were just the classic mode itinerary, apart from this there is a training mode for you to hone your skills and understand the recoil of various guns along with assessing the damage inflicted from various bullet rounds.

In custom mode, there is a zombie mode with the tagline “Survive till dawn”, in this mode apart from 40 other players you have to fight off randomly spawning zombies. Then there are the war and conquest modes, in the war mode you can re-spawn after you have been killed, this re-spawning happens till the zone sets in after that you are more expectations if you are killed. Conquest mode occasionally shows up, however, it is still being developed as commented by Tencent representatives.

Fix PUBG Not Working Issues:

Just like any item under the sun PUBG is not perfect; it has its fair share of issues, technical mostly. There are times when jumping off a ledge, PUBG registers a fall twice dealing double damage, it can often lead to death or being knocked out. Apart from this, players often complain that there are enemies who are looking in the opposite direction, allowing them to think that they have an extra second to aim, however with a bat of an eyelid, they are ghosted. The main reason for this is the high range of ping that is encased within each server and there is no soft locking on a ping range.

Unlike Battlefield online or CS: GO Pubg does not soft lock players with a certain ping from joining a particular server. The server tick rate is at 20 Hz that is quite low and to add to the agony, this is thoroughly inconsistent throughout the gameplay. Often is the case when then encoded and the animations do not share the same wavelength. Therefore, you might get shot when you are behind cover giving you an impression of a bug when it’s just animation out of synchronization.

Steps to Download & Install PUBG For PC Windows:

Although PUBG for mobile is free, the PC version is paid, and you will need to download and install steam for playing PUBG on pc. The following steps provide a detailed price of how to download PUBG for pc and play it on your computer.

Step 1: After installing steam, visit the product page and search for ‘Player unknown’s Battlegrounds’

Step 2: Visit your cart and then click on purchase for myself

Step 3: The payment info would be required, enter your card details and make the purchase; the game should be added to your library

Step 4: Visit your profiles game library and the icon of PUBG pc would be displayed and automatically queued for downloading

Step 5: Wait for the download to be completed and then click on the play button to launch and play the game

The above steps provide the to-do list for downloading and installing PUBG on your computer, you can also download and install other games from the Steam library using the above methodology.

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Final Words!!

PUBG is one of the most sold PC games of all time and within months of its launch, PUBG broke records on Steam. There are very few games that exit from Stems program of pre-release under nine months; very few have become such a worldwide phenomenon. PUBG has managed to establish multiple, major esports events alongside establishing micro transactions on their systems. They have even launched this game on a console while working on regular updates to fix the bugs and glitches. They have an upgraded level of anti-cheat services named the BattlEye, it managed to ban 1.5 million accounts worldwide in suspicion of hacking last year in December. Since each match ahs 100 players, this allows more room for hackers to engage in illegal activity owing to the high traffic.

To conclude in an unbiased manner, I have to say, this virtual bloodbath has drawn millions of users worldwide, from young to old. As the zone closes in, it soothes paranoia and engages the mind to its zenith of concentration looking for that shadow that gives away themes location.

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