NitroFlare Premium Link Generator in 2019

Not everybody subscribes to premium accounts to download files and access content. However, such free users can still avail the same service via a Premium Link Generator. Using this, the user can gain access to a direct download link for the file they wish to use, without the need to sign up for a premium account.

A premium link generator refers to a set of tools and websites that facilitate creating a link for the user to enable them to download content from premium hosting sites for free. Also, downloading through such a link is faster and the same as doing it from a premium account. You don’t even need to wait long hours for the download to complete because it’s done at super fast speed. All benefits of a premium account without being a part of it.

Some Best Generators developed till now

NitroFlare Premium Link Generator: Introduction

This is one among the several cloud file host providers currently available in the market – Dropbox, Google Drive, Turbobit, and the like. Nitroflare allows you to upload, download, save, back up, and share data with others online. The service can even be personalized, meaning that when you share the data with your family or friends, they can customize those files to suit their taste, while still keeping your data secure.

Top 10 NitroFlare Premium Link Generators:

Some of the best NitroFlarePremium Link Generators that offer no limit service are:

  1. Uploaded Premium Link – Enables quick and easy retrieval of data
  2. OnLeech – Free Premium Link Generator service for Uploaded, Rapidgator, Turbobit, etc.
  3. LeechPremium – Supports 50+ premium file hosts
  4. GetIDN – Generates direct download links from supported free premium accounts
  5. GenerateAll – Used to generate premium links like that of Rapisgator
  6. Juba-Get – Allows downloading from other hosting sites without visiting the latter individually; time saving
  7. EXRapidLeech – Downloads at the fastest speed
  8. CocoLeech – Can generate premium links for Turbobit, letitbit, uploaded, netload, rapidgator, and filefactory
  9. AlemdarLeech – Free premium link generator for easy download of all types of files
  10. Debrideco – Download files from 80+ file host sites

What is Leecher?

Premium link generators were formerly referred to as leechers and some of them still continue to be called so. This is because they can leech on to any premium hosting website and download the content without the user having to pay for it.

How to Get NitroFlare Premium Account?

To start using any of the premium link generators, you would first need to set up a NitroFlare Premium Account. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official website of any of the generators mentioned above which you wish to use.
  • Next, search for the file hosters available for download.
  • Paste the link of the premium file hoster in the box given.
  • Now click on Generate and downloading will start.

Benefits of Using NitroFlare Premium Link Generator:

  • Plenty of online storage space to save all your photos, documents, and other important files for later use. No limit to downloading as many files as you want as well as on the file size.
  • Security guaranteed: You can safely upload a file without worrying about any security issues.
  • Provision for backup: All your critical data can be backed up on this database.
  • Speedy file transfer: No more waiting time for downloading files, it can be done speedily and even shared faster so that your friends and family can see what you’re up to real soon. You can download files at a maximum speed of 100Mbps using the NitroFlare Premium Account.
  • Data can be downloaded anytime wherever you are.
  • No advertisement popup on a premium account.
  • You can even resume any download that you aborted earlier.


Not everybody can afford to pay for premium subscription services on premium accounts of all the websites they like. However, this should not stop them from downloading content from those sites for their personal use. This gave birth to the idea of a premium link generator. Even though most people might call them leechers, the fact remains that they are a boon to the Internet world at the moment, allowing people to upload, download, store and even back up data without paying or waiting.

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