Mastercard Express Gift Card Balance | Check from iPhone/Android

For your various shopping sprees, you might be using your MasterCard express gift card to buy several items. With the MasterCard in your pocket, you are ready to check the amount that still remains in the card. Checking the balance beforehand would actually save you from extra embarrassment if you happen to be low in MasterCard express gift card amount. However, before coming to the store, you can check your last transaction amount in order to be sure of its safe payment.

Luckily, if you haven’t used for MasterCard express card for a very long time, then you can easily check its balance by connecting your device to a safe internet server or WIFI connection. You can instantly do it anywhere, provided that you have the internet to save you in the situation!

MasterCard Express Website: How to Check the Balance?

If you are already in a store, then one of the best and instant ways to come in touch with your MasterCard Express gift card balance is to open its website. The web portal is pretty much transparent and to start with the process, just follow the simple steps:

  • Visit the original website and log in to your own MasterCard account.
  • Once you are aware of the features of the website, you can scroll down to the bottom to find the option titled ‘check your card balance’.
  • Next, every MasterCard has its own specific number. This is usually a 16 digit number and is printed on the top of it. Type the number just as it is accurately printed on the card. Make sure that you do not insert any dash or other sign while typing the number.
  • Next, you must insert your own three-digit security code that is presented against each card.
  • After completing the above steps, simply click on ‘check balance’.
  • Whatever MasterCard Gift card balance you have is instantly displayed on the screen.

However, if the respective website is having trouble in the opening, you can simply call on the toll-free number that is listed at the back of the card, next to your signature. The call gets automatically connected and you can know your balance in a jiffy! Apart from this method, you can also successfully assess your card balance with the help of the MasterCard application!

MasterCard Website App: Android & iPhone

The MasterCard Express Application is available on both Android as well as IOS devices. Downloading the app is pretty simple on both the platforms and you can check your balance beforehand without additional problems.

1. Checking Balance on iPhones

In order to get in touch with the MasterCard Express application on an iPhone, you must visit the Apple store first and install the app. After the initial formalities are completed, you must enter your credentials to log in. Visit the settings option and choose the option that is titled, ‘know your balance’. Once you click on it, your balance gets automatically displayed on your screen. In addition to checking your balance, you can conduct your payments as well. Click on pay and you can smoothly conduct your payments without even having your card with you. Such a cashless transaction can save you in various situations when you are low on cash.

2. Checking Balance on Android Devices

In a similar manner, you can easily check your MasterCard gift card balance on Android devices too. Launch the app first on your Android device and insert all your important card information after logging in. For checking the balance, click on, ‘know your balance’. The remaining balance of your gift card is displayed on your phone screen and you can carry on with your shopping accordingly! You can use this MasterCard to conduct cashless transactions every time you visit your favorite store!

If by chance the MasterCard gift card balance falls below the average amount, then an email or an SMS would be sent to your device to confirm you of the situation. In such a case, your card won’t be accepted at the store, every time you want to play with it.

Features Of MasterCard Website App:

The MasterCard application is transparent enough in order to help the users in all possible ways. If you are a new user of MasterCard express gift card, then some of the additional features that this app can do for you are as follows:

  • Keeps you updated on your transactions- The best part of having the application with you is that you get updated on your transactions daily. You can even save your bill and check it anytime you want to.
  • Helps you in transferring money- Even if you need to transfer money to any other MasterCard gift account, then you can instantly use the application to transfer the money into that account. The payment gateway is safe and enables you to make transfers easily!
  • Links your credit card too- If your balance on the MasterCard gift card is low, then be prepared to access your credit card in its place. You can join the credit card with the MasterCard and pay the amount accordingly!
  • Helps in SMS alerts- The best way to know your card balance is to opt for SMS alerts. Turn on the notifications button to get updates daily!

Final Thoughts

Certainly, the MasterCard application has its own perks. It makes all your transactions convenient along with providing you an opportunity to check your balance anytime and anywhere. All you need to have is an internet connection, which would enable you to give access to your accurate balance sheet. With a few single clicks, you get to check your gift card balance along with redeeming special vouchers too. If you have spent an average amount lately, then you could receive loyalty points in the app. Therefore, enjoy your MasterCard gift card moments and be clear with your payment plans always!

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