Instagram Video Downloader | Top 6 Best Apps

Instagram in the 21st century is considered to be the topmost used social media site with more than 2 billion users. It is likely the case that each day individuals upload their life segments on it either through the medium of photography or videography. While you might be interested in downloading some videos offline in order to watch it later on, Instagram doesn’t give permission to do so under normal circumstances.

However, if you believe in the use of better applications, then there are specific ones available in the market that comfortably helps in downloading suitable video content from Instagram. Thus, in order to get hold of the best Instagram video downloader, let us look at some of the coolest options that users can find really interesting.

Instagram Video Downloader: Best Applications

Instagram is a place where people share their best moments by uploading photos or videos. In order to get these downloaded, the suitable applications that can make it work are as follows:

1. Instasave

One of the best-reviewed Instagram Video downloader that is available in the market, users can instantly get access to thousands of photos as well as videos without any problem. You can save up multiple videos as well as photos together in the device and even delete the ones that are not necessary. Once you download the videos, you can share it with others by using the share option. The speed of downloading the videos is pretty amazing and that is why this is one of the most favored one available. The design of the application is smart and the dashboard helps in choosing the videos and then saving it in the right place

2. Saver Reposter

Saver Reposter is also an amazing Instagram Video downloader application that is available both for the Android as well as IOS platforms. You can easily use this app and download any number of photos and videos that you like. In addition to that, after you download the videos, you can send them to someone else with some messages on them or even by creating hashtags. All of the downloaded videos are saved up in the gallery and you can watch them any number of times as per your own convenience. Users can swiftly get hold of the application by downloading it from the play store.

3. Video downloader

If you are in need of a quick video check after you have uploaded one on Instagram, then this application is one of the best. After downloading one video, you can simply edit it and again upload it on Instagram. For relative fun, you can make use of the hashtags in the videos by simply copying them. Even while sending it to someone else, you can use the hashtags too. If you need to download multiple videos at the same time, then Video downloader is surely there for your rescue. You can queue up the videos and the app automatically downloads them one by one.

4. Insta downloader Image video

Some of the videos that are uploaded on Instagram stand out to be pretty impressive. In order to save some of them offline, the all-new Insta downloader Image video application sets forth great features that help in getting the videos for free. You can download photos as well with this app and share them with your friend’s offline. In addition to that, the captions against the videos can be copied and pasted while sharing. You can also get in touch with a complete set of details regarding a photo or a video that has been uploaded.

5. Repost for Instagram

Working on both Android as well as IOS platforms, Repost for Instagram is again an Instagram video downloader that adequately serves the purpose of downloading an unlimited number of videos from the social media platform. It just takes seconds to download a full-length video and thus, its speed cannot be unmatched. Even if you feel like reposting some of the videos back on Instagram, then you can do so with this application. Also, there are enabling as well as disabling features in case of certain videos that are watermarked. However, if you feel like sending the video to someone, you can add hashtags and even your own signature in it for greater convenience.


If you happen to install any one of the above Instagram Video downloader, then certainly you have the chance to download unlimited sets of photos and videos quickly without fail. In addition to that, some of the applications even save up a lot of time and works really efficient in terms of the downloading procedure. Therefore, the next time you are in need to download videos from Instagram, think of any one of the above applications for greater transparency!

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