Looking for Some Games Like Spore? Here we Go!

Spore is a life simulation real-time strategy game where the player can develop a complex animal from a microscopic organism.

This game which is all about the player’s perspective and imagination has a number of different stages. It belongs to the God game genre.

List of Best Games Like Spore:

There are some games like spore. If you are a gaming enthusiast who loves spore then you must check out these games as well. Here is a list of some games that are almost like spore.

1. Endless Space:

This is a real-time strategy game. It has this science fiction touch. Endless space has spectacular graphics. This game was released in 2012. It has been upgraded several times. The game has 9 civilizations. Each of the civilisations has its own distinct features. This game takes you into the future that is in the year 3000. Here the player can formulate real-time strategies using advanced technologies.

2. Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution:

This game is similar to spore but the evolution level is higher than spore. The player has lots of control over the shape. This game gives the player a very unique experience. The player’s overall experience about evolution in this game depends on the player’s imagination.

3. Simlife:

In this game, the player can modify the genes of plants, animals and every living thing. The player can convert it into something else. This is a ground game where the player can create an ecosystem that is of his choice. The player can actually modify the environmental factors. The player can decide every aspect of an animal. That is whether the animal can walk or fly and what type of food it can eat etc.

4. The Kerbal Space Program:

This game has a green humanoids called Kerbals. They are the orators of this space game. The player can participate in this space programme. The game has different components like fuel tanks, engines etc. The player can create rockets, space planes etc using these components. If the player needs any guidance or help then the Kerbals will help them with the same.

5. Eufloria:

This game has artistic visuals. This game consists of seedlings. The player has to sow these seedlings everywhere in the universe. These seedlings will grow into trees and that area will belong to the player who sowed the seedlings. The objective of the game is that the player should overcome all the challenges in the 25 levels and establish his empire on the planet. This strategy game is challenging but it is one of the best ways to unwind.

6. Sins of a Solar Empire:

This is a science-fiction game. It is a strategy game and it is set in the space. This game has very good visuals and the content is also outstanding. The player has to make real-time strategy in order to win the game. The player has to take help of military force, diplomatic support etc in order to win the game. The player has to expand his empire by completing different challenges.

7. Osmos:

The objective of this game is that the player must expand himself by absorbing stuff that is smaller than the player. At the start of the game, the player is “Mote” which is a small organism. This mote will grow into a larger organism by absorbing other smaller organisms and food. The graphics and the music of this game are very good.

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8. Creatures: The Albian Years:

The set up in this game is the planet of Albia. There are labs on this planet. These belong to an advanced race called Shee. This race has abandoned these labs and there are some creatures in this lab. Now the objective of the game is that the players must re-inhabit and raise these creatures. The player has to train these creatures so that they can lead a good life and also teach them how to survive. The player has to grow the living world on the planet of Albia.

9. Cosmogonia:

The game has very good graphics as well as deign. The game has aggressive creatures and races which will try to destroy the player. The player has to fight the battle and win and overpower these creatures. The player can explore the entire universe. There are several options that the player can choose before starting the game. This includes the size of the galaxy, collection of resources, difficulty level of the game etc.

10. Evolva:

In this real-time strategy game, the player has to create Genohunters. These are hunters with modified genes. The player can add different features to these Genohunters by modifying the DNA of these hunters. That is they can have powerful claws or they can have flaming mouths or they can be capable of electric attacks etc.  The player can then use these hunters to protect himself against troubles in the galaxy.

Finally two more bonus games!!!

Besides these 10 games, there is one more game that you can check out and that is Spore Hero. This is an advanced format of Spore. The characters will be similar to that of Spore. The game has RPG features. The player has to solve different puzzles and take up different challenges. In this evolution game, the player has to protect his planet from the attacks of the alien planet.

Are you really interested in the evolution process? Then there is one game that you must try and that is Darwin Pond. This game has a number of difficult levels like hunger levels and lifespan potential etc. So these are few games which a player who loves playing Spore will enjoy. These real-time strategy games are a must-try for all those players who love to take up difficult challenges. All the games have unique plots and there are a number of things that you can learn from these different games.

Do try out all these games one by one. You will surely have one of the most memorable times while playing these games.

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