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Best Games Like Agario in 2020 | Most Played Games

Indeed, you are correct is one of the well-known web-based game. It is simple yet challenging. You need to consume hundreds of competitors in Agario at the same time. Agario is a simple browser game. You need to play as a single-cell animal that can move around like a graph paper environment. You have to swallow other creatures and cells to grow yourself.

If you are still uninformed of games that are alike Agario, then you must know an enormous number of games dubbed Agario have been propelled in the market. Now, no more worry! Several similar games have been launched recently receiving inspiration from Agario.

Come on gamers! Let’s hit the craze of online gaming lists alike Agario.

List of Games Like Agario:

1. Slitherio:

As the name indicates Slitherto is a game of excitement! In this game, you need to control snakes like creatures. Slitherio is only different from Agario on the ground that Agario uses a round-shaped ball or object.  This game becomes more challenging when you are instructed to consume glowing objects on the map to make yourself bigger and longer.  Similarly, you need to remember that you have to eat only objects that are smaller than you and avoid objects that are bigger than you. Then you will die! You will be amazed to see the graphics of Slitherto!

This game’s graphics are way better than Agario. It offers a Zen-like atmosphere that is a reason for its popularity in the market. The game is receiving around eighty-six million visits per month on the internet. Developers of this particular game are working hard to keep the size of the file low and trying to make this game stand out in the market. Players of this particular game range between ages 18 – 24 years. It has been appealed that this game offers competitive multiplayer titles that can be transformed into esports. Thus this game represents real zeal for developers.

2. Nebulous:

You have to play as a blob in Nebulous and grow by consuming smaller players or by collecting dots on the map. Similarly, you have to conscious of getting eaten by big blobs. Brace yourself up! As you need to compete with other players to view who achieves the biggest blob worldwide. You can get to choose from five hundred skins and can play games with up to twenty-seven online gamers if you are using mobile version iOS. Additionally, you can also eject mass into a black hole to adjust its movement. Other features of Nebulous are similar to Agario.


Another similar game like Agario, Diepio is found to be an alternative of Agario. It is little bit different from rest games that are mentioned above. Because it offers you to fire cannonballs out. You need to avoid smaller balls instead of consuming them. Shapes of these obstacles come in various shapes and sizes ranging from triangles to squares. You need to keep firing to destroy these obstacles and prevent yourself from the attacks of enemies.

4. Mitosis:

Another alternate game inspired by Agario is Mitosis. Moreover, it has improved gaming quality with the addition of new features such as speed controls and equipment. You just need to collect coins that are present around the map. You can utilize these coins by purchasing any stuff. This will help in increasing your control and status. Different modes of games available in Mitosis free of costs for all and solo users such as capturing the flag. Anyway, the rest of the game is very much similar to Agario where you need to grow yourself bigger by consuming objects that are smaller than you simultaneously avoiding obstacles that are bigger than you.

5. Germ Fusion:

This game is all about survival by consuming other players and small germs. Similarly, you just need to avoid being eaten by big germs. You can play by becoming germs like protozoa, fungi, etc. You will find cute graphics for this game. You can also play two games that have been launched recently like germs war and 60 seconds.

6. Tilemanio:

Massive multiplayer games played online. You need to expand your land by conquering plenty of tiles. Combat mechanics are quite tricky and you will find its similarities with slither game. You will be the one to touch their body or line. But once you get used to combating mechanism you will not find it hard anymore to play games. Yes! It’s true this game is very fun and relaxing to play. However, it can lead to little frustration as other players will constantly be competing against you.

7. Cosmic Crush:

One of the most interesting games, cosmic crush gives you an experience of outer space. You will see small planets from where you need to start your game. Gamers need to receive small planets and simply avoid bigger ones. You need to be aware of gravitation pull extracted by bigger planets that increase the chance of yours to be eaten by them. Hey! It’s only the feature of GRAVITY that makes cosmic crush and Agario different.

8. Warbrokersio

One more adventurous game has been listed for you. It offers you role-playing action that transmits you into dreaded military wars.  This game features various modes of games that you require to complete by fulfilling different kinds of objectives in order to see yourself as the winner. You will have to select your weapons from a wide array. This game becomes more interesting as it offers mighty military vehicles like tanks and helicopters. No doubt you will enjoy this game and taste a new flavor of challenge in playing war brokers io.


This game needs to play as a Pac man that eats smaller blocks and consume other players eventually to get you bigger. You just need to worry about a ghost who is the biggest enemy of Pac man and not to get scared of other players. Your goal is to achieve top leading points in the leader board by sustaining in-game till the end.

All the games are described in detail for you. Now it’s your turn to choose the game as per your interesting level.

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