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Free Xbox Live Code Generator 2019 – Unlimited Gift Cards

When we talk about a platform where one can play lots of exciting games then the first thing that comes to our mind is Xbox. This Microsoft brand offers a variety of exciting games. If one wants to play all these wonderful Xbox games then you need to have the Xbox Gold live membership card.

How to get Free Xbox Gold Live Codes:

This membership card is your key to unlock and play all the available Xbox games with all the features. This is super exciting, isn’t it? But it is not an easy task to get this membership. You can buy this membership. But something that is letting you play all the games with all the features will surely not be available at throwaway rates. This membership is an expensive one. Everyone cannot afford to buy this card.

There is one more option and that is Xbox Game Pass. In this case, you can download and play only certain select games. This too is not free. You have to pay a monthly fee for the same. So, overall it looks like the only way to play the games is by paying money and taking the membership.  The membership is on an expensive side. This means that not everyone can afford to buy these memberships. Also, these membership cards need activation of the card by the store from which you have purchased the cards.

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Are membership cards the only option for accessing games on the Xbox console?

Paying a huge amount of money for the membership, renewing the membership on a regular basis, needs of activation of the card by the shopkeeper all this sounds a very difficult and time-consuming way of accessing Xbox. There will be many of you out there who would want an easier option to download and play games. Yes, there is one option and that is using online codes. These codes do not need any activation from the store. You only have to make sure that you get these online codes from a legitimate source. One needs to purchase these unique codes and these can be used to access online games.

Do Free Xbox Code Generators really work?

Now human nature is such that we always want to get things for free. We might spend lots of money to own the Xbox console but when it comes to getting the codes or buying the membership we lookout for free options. If you check the internet you will come across options like free Xbox code generator. Many people are lured by the word “free”. But hang on! Be careful! Are you sure that you are going to get these codes for free? There have been incidents where people have got cheated.

These so called free generators might be a malware and it might end up corrupting your entire system and losing a lot of data. These can also be phishing attempts and you might just end up losing sensitive information which might cost you dearly. You surely do not want these things to happen to you. In that case, it is better to avoid these so-called free offers.

Some websites will ask you to sign up for free. These websites will then ask you to enter your account details. Once you do this they will promise you to send free codes. Now the question is that can you rely on these websites. What if the website is fake and a hacker is only trying to steal all your personal details??

One more logical thing that you need to think here is that will Microsoft allow this? Let us say that even if a hacker does manage to hack and create the free codes do you think Microsoft is going to spare the hacker? No ways! He will surely be caught and will be sued. Even those people who are using the illegal website can land into trouble. Now no one would like to get into a legal battle with someone as powerful as Microsoft.

So should you avoid these Xbox code generators completely?

The free ones are best avoided. We all know that we can get something as valuable as an Xbox membership or code only if we spend some money on it. Some websites ask the users to take surveys. After completing these surveys you will be given trial code which one can use for a limited time. In some cases, the person needs to give references of friends. If the friend whom you referred accepts the request then you stand a chance to get some freebies. Sometimes when you buy a game or some accessories you can get a free code that you can use to play some games on your Xbox.

What is the best way out?

The best thing that you can do is take the membership. Yes, you need to pay but it is a legal way and you can be rest assured that you will not be taken for a ride. If you want to opt for the code option then you must buy one. The websites where you have to take surveys or refer friends etc can also be tried but you need to first check the credibility of the website. By no means must you fall prey to the free code jargon. This might only be a trap and you might end up in deep trouble.

Xbox is something that every game lover simply loves. But you have to pay a price for all the good things in this world. Xbox is no different. If you want to access all the games then you have to take their paid membership or you have to buy online codes from reliable sources.

There is nothing like free code generators that will churn out free codes to access the games. Most of the times these are illegal websites which can put you in deep trouble. If you want to try out the free code generating websites then you must do it at your own risk.

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