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Free PSN Code Generator 2019 – Working Method Exposed!

All PlayStation users, unite! We know where you can get free PSN codes! Yes, we do. PSN codes are pretty much what every gamer desires, aren’t they? But free PSN codes- now those are what dreams are made of. And you know those rare but beautiful moments when you see your dreams come to life? Yea, this is one of them.

List of Free PSN Code Generators:

So, read on to find a few easy ways in which you can get free PSN codes for the PlayStation that is waiting for you and you can thank us later.

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#1 Using PSN Reward

This is a website that allows you to get PSN codes for free. It’s a GPT website providing it’s users myriads of offers in which they get to earn points. Once, the minimum of 1000 points is reached, the website allows you to redeem them in exchange for the coveted free PSN code.

When it comes to earning those points, we are happy to report that the process isn’t difficult in the least. You simply have to log in to the site and perform a few very easy tasks for them which range from playing games on it, downloading apps, completing a variety of surveys, etc. This website provides its users with PSN gift cards worth $10, $20 and $30 which you receive upon converting your points into the gift cards. Once you get the gift card, you’ll receive your free PSN codes as well.

#2 Using PayPrizes

This website here is yet another way in which you can get those elusive free PSN codes. It is a trusted and legitimate site so you can rest assured that your attempts won’t be in vain this time around. All the user has to do, is keep completing easy tasks on the website (such as answering questions, watching a promotional video, completing surveys, etc.) to earn points.

These points that you earn are then exchanged for gift cards or money. Once you have those gift cards in your possession, you can use them to get the PSN codes. You simply have to login to their website and check their offer wall. Additional details will be available there. Follow them and you’ll find your free PSN codes within your arm’s reach.


One of the most reputed companies in the GPT industry, Swagbucks is definitely a pitstop you cannot miss out on when in the search for free PSN codes. It is used not only by us but also by social media influencers and gamers. Some of the social media celebrities are even known to share referral links with their audience. Being a GPT site, you have to follow the same drill like the ones mentioned above to earn the PSN codes in question.

You can shop online, answer surveys, watch videos and find other great ways in which you can earn the points. Later on, you can redeem them to get gift cards and subsequently, your PSN codes. An exceedingly easy and trusted site, Swagbucks cannot be missed by you if you’re on the lookout for PSN codes.


The search for the codes can sometimes get truly cut-throat. Since buying what you want on PlayStation isn’t a luxury seeing as the games and other contents are expensive, the quest for free PSN codes is something you need to keep yourself completely updated in so you don’t leave any stone unturned. Nowadays, YouTubers and social media influencers are known to host giveaways of various kinds. Of course, PSN codes also fall under this category. The usual requirement for these giveaways is that you need to subscribe to their channel or follow their channel and share it amongst your friends.

In most cases, the winner is chosen at random by the person hosting it. While the chance of winning these giveaways are little, giving it the tag of ‘impossible’ would be wrong. However, when competing against millions, the odds do get high. However, if the giveaway is seen to be sponsored by renowned companies or a renowned person, the chances are significantly higher as well as more authentic. Thus, it never hurts to keep oneself aware of tech channels or gaming channels since they are known to often host these giveaways.


Unlike PSN code generator sites, where your completion of an offer equals to the website owner earning $0.20 and $3, Reward Point websites along with the likes of PSNReward, works in a fair manner. They don’t scam you. Instead, they give you the chance to earn the points by the completion of offers. These websites provide users with genuine opportunity. The user needs to simply register themselves. Once that is done, one has to earn points so as to be able to afford a PSN discount code and subsequently, trade the points in for PSN codes that are almost free.

It is also crucial for one to keep an eye on the terms of the offers available since oftentimes, a small percentage of the people involved, aren’t able to exchange their points due to their country location. The proxy does not work either. In most of these situations, the codes can be accessed by US PlayStation accounts only. People living in Northern Europe, Canada, United States, United Kingdom or Australia have a chance at being faced with a variety of offers. Other than these locations, however, point conversion is much harder.

However, one can always go for referral programs instead. The user basically just has to invite their friends to the website. Bringing a new user to the website leads to earning reward points. If the user’s friend registers and earns points using the website, the user gets a small percentage of points to trade.


These here are a few methods you can employ to get the coveted PSN codes without which every PlayStation seems almost lonesome. To not be able to buy new games or other downloadable content using the PlayStation is a shame. In this want for new games, one usually has to run amok in search for free PSN codes. Well, not anymore. The list we have compiled should work perfectly for the gamers out there.

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