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Free iTunes Gift Card Generator | Will it Really Work?

If you’re an Apple user in dire need of some gift cards for your starved ears, you are in for a surprise seeing as this day is your lucky day. Today, we are going to list down below a couple of ways by which you can get iTunesgift cards for FREE!

Something that every audiophile has to deal with at some point or the other, is the crushing expense that their beloved iTunes asks of them. However, fret not, for we have compiled an easy guide using which you can cut down on those expenses by using the free gift cards we’ll be showing you the road to. So, put on your seatbelts and get reading!

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List of ways to Get iTunes Gift Cards for free

#1 iTunesReward

One very stellar way in which you can get iTunes gift cards is by using iTunesreward. It is a GPT site so the drill is the same as the other sites of this sort.

You simply have to earn the iTunes gift cards after the completion of a set of tasks that await you. These tasks range from downloading apps, completing surveys to going through their offer board and getting them done. Upon finishing the tasks that you’re asked to do, you begin receiving the points. A minimum of 1000 of these points results in you being allowed to redeem the coveted iTunes gift card worth $10 or more.

#2 Social Media

Your journey to free gift cards can begin in various ways but to begin by making sure to follow gift card companies is something that will keep you ahead of the others in the game. There are various companies you can avail to get free gift cards or points. Some companies let you get them in exchange for you subscribing to them on social media platforms. You can even receive them by following the company handles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

These companies are also known to host various competitions on the platforms they use for social media marketing. The competitions usually require you to tag, like or share the company’s posts in exchange for which you receive free iTunes gift cards or gift card codes, etc.

Using deal hunters are also sure shot ways by which you can track down most of the deals in the community. You can use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. to follow these deal hunters. They basically constitute of people and groups who track good deals and announce them to their followers. Suffice to say, the deals in question are oftentimes for free iTunes gift cards.

So, instead of stalking your favorite celebrity on social media, use it to follow deal hunters and rejoice in the free gift cards you’ll proceed to receive.

#3 Reward Programs

This method has a few cons to it. See, to use this method, you first have to create an account. By the creation of this account, you might be offered free iTunes gift cards by an online rewards program. However, in return, it ends up generating a load of emails seeing as that is how they provide the user with the free gift cards.

This is a problem that is easily solved by making sure to subscribe using a new email id instead of the official ones used for serious business. The junk mail can simply proceed to the new mail ensuring the retention of civility in the official one.

The reward programs ask their users to run surveys via the emails they forward to your email account. In exchange for running those surveys, you get reward points. These reward points can be redeemed for a variety of gift card amounts.

However, as I mentioned earlier, this process is one that does have a lot of cons. Constant spamming of email id with mails and links is something nobody wants to feel encumbered by even if the mail id they are employing for it isn’t their official email id. Moreover, you might be asked to invest by them. That completely defeats the purpose of ‘free’ gift cards. This is precisely why the users are usually asked to employ other methods.

Of the other methods that you can employ comes the ones where you just have to complete tasks ranging from watching videos to playing games to get reward points. These are completely free and legal.

#4 Product Promotion

When in the search for free iTunes card codes, product promotion is a brilliant method you can employ to get them. All you need to do here is find companies and websites which require people to subscribe to them. In exchange for subscriptions to their newsletters and promotion of their products, the users end up winning free iTunes gift cards.

You can also use giveaways by certified people to gain free gift cards. However, like many other giveaways, there are various scams in this. Moreover, winning with so many people competing is always something you can’t rely on completely.

Also, if the giveaway isn’t hosted by someone or some company that is renowned, it is vital that you avoid sharing your personal details such as your date of birth, your account information, address or any other such information online for you might just be at the receiving end of online theft or invasion of privacy.

#5 iTunes Allowance

This is a method which allows iTunes users to make use of a benefit every month set up by another user. Of course, for this to work you have to ensure that both the users have a valid email address and Apple ID, of course.

If the user is being helped by their guardians, they can use their help in paying for the music. A request for a monthly allowance which allows you to manage your credit can go a long way in fueling your audiophilia habits.


Music is an essential part of almost every person’s life. To live a life without music is to miss out on far too much. These are things people simply can’t afford to lose, hence we hope the list we compiled for you helped you to continue living your musical life! Happy free iTunes gift cards and tunes!

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