How to Check eBay Gift Card Balance Online?

eBay is a million-dollar multi-national e-commerce corporation. All sorts of products that you use in life are available on eBay at affordable prices. It is amongst the most preferred online site for shopping. Have you used eBay gift cards ever to enhance your shopping experience? This attractive option has a lot of benefits for you. Also, different types of eBay gift cards are available to suit your needs.

These cards are designed on the basis of customer’s choices and provide the maximum benefit. It is very easy to buy an eBay gift card and use it for various purposes. Know about the benefits of the card, and how eBay gift card balance is checked and utilized.

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Benefits of the e-bay gift card:

If you are looking for a suitable gift for your loved and haven’t found anything now, go for e-bay gift cards. It is the best gift for various occasions in the present times where a lot of people use these e-commerce sites for shopping. The various benefits are as follows-

  • It can be bought very easily online. For every occasion, there is a gift card on eBay. With gift cards, you get heavy discounts and coupons on products of your choice.
  • The offers and discounts are available for gift card customers for a longer duration than the normal ones.
  • With the eBay gift card, you get the notifications of any sale or discount on a priority basis.
  • It is the best gift for a loved one. You can give them a specific product gift card that they use or occasion gift cards. They can shop as per their needs and there would be no hassle of buying stuff.
  • Generally, the eBay gift card balance stays with you even if you do not make purchases for a long time. In case of special occasion gift cards, the balance expires no sooner than the occasion ends.
  • No hassle in the transfer of balance in these gift cards.

There are multiple benefits of eBay gift cards. At great prices, you can shop in bulk using these cards. You can get digital cards as well in hard copy. It is important to know the mechanism of this card before buying it.

What kinds of eBay gift cards to buy to gain extra balance?

Digital eBay cards are very popular these days. All the transactions can be done online. The person you have gifted can use it easily, sitting in any part of the world.  An online wallet like Paytm, Phone pe, Paypal provides cashback if you do digital gift card transactions through them. There are custom digital gift cards available for you. You can get the balance on credit in some cards with minimum interest.  Such gift cards are called interest-based gift cards.

How to check the balance on your gift card?

It is very easy to learn to check your eBay gift card balance. You are required to make an e-bay account before starting any activity on this e-commerce site. You can log in to this account on your computer or phone. In present times, the phone app of eBay is available. You can permanently keep your account logged in. Follow simple steps to instantly know your eBay gift card balance-

  1. After logging your account in either your phone or computer, go the gift card option
  2. To know the balance, you are required to enter a 13 digit card number. Enter the numbers without any space or dashes.
  3. In order to check the balance, a security code has to be entered. If its the gift card is in hard copy then you will find the code by scratching the box under your name on the card. In digital cards, you are required to set the code online on the eBay website.
  4. The information shall appear when you click the Check balance option.

Knowing the balance is important to make purchases accordingly. All the details of your purchase are available on the card.

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How to redeem the eBay gift card balance?

The eBay site is quite user-friendly. It is not very difficult to redeem the eBay gift card balance. Follow the steps below to redeem your balance-

  1. Log in to your account on the eBay site. Choose the items against which you want to use the gift card against.
  2. After the checkout, you are required to login to your digital wallet which is linked to your gift card.
  3. Enter your card number to redeem the balance.
  4. A detailed preview of the payment appears on the screen, click on confirm to redeem the balance.

Through eBay app for android and iPhone, you can redeem the balance and manage the card more easily. Login your eBay account in the app.  In my account option, there is cards option. You can go on a gift card and redeem easily. Throughs apps you get a lot of rewards and bonuses credited to your gift card balance.

Advantages of using an eBay app

Apart from managing your gift card, the eBay app has a lot of other exciting functions. Some of them are as follows-

  • You get notifications of offers instantly by using the app and redeem your gift card balance before the deals expire.
  • Browsing items will become quite easy with the app. You can put different filters to get the items you want on the screen.
  • Digital cards are best maintained through the app. There is no hassle of logging the website. Your account is permanently logged on your phone. Digital wallets are easily linked to your phone app account. It is easy to add top-ups or redeem balance.

eBay gift cards are a very good option to get amazing deals on various products. It is the most suitable gift for your loved ones.  Proper information on its working can help you get a lot of benefits while shopping. It is important to understand the ways to check balance and redeeming the balance to make the best use of eBay shopping gift card.

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