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How to Cancel Xbox Game Pass Subscription – Guide

In the age of the internet, you can find a lot of subscription based services out there. This includes things like movie streaming, music streaming, books, and much more. And now companies like Microsoft and Google have come up with game streaming services. Microsoft calls its monthly subscription based game subscription Xbox Game Pass. As you would expect, it allows its users to play a wide range of games while paying a fixed amount of money.

But this streaming service has an auto renewal feature which renews your Xbox Game Pass at the end of every month. As a result, a lot of PC gamers would want to cancel it. Therefore, today we are here to show you How to Cancel Xbox Game Pass Subscription. You will also learn about this subscription service and how it works. But most importantly, you can find the full details regarding the cancellation of this subscription. So, if you also want to get rid of your Xbox game pass, make sure to go through this article until the end.

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Xbox Game Pass Subscription: Introduction

Xbox Game Pass Subscription is quite similar to streaming services like Netflix. Netflix allows you to watch movies and TV shows using your internet connection. Similarly, Xbox Game Pass allows you to play games over the internet. Instead of buying and installing games on your PC, you can simply buy an Xbox game pass. Once you have done that, you get access to a large library of games for PC as well as Xbox. And then, these games run on Xbox servers that you can access at your home over the internet. Since Xbox servers are quite optimized, Xbox Game Pass offers a very smooth experience to the user. It is a great service to play single player offline games where your ping does not matter. Just like Netflix, you have to pay for your monthly subscription to get access to Xbox Game Pass.

Why do you need to Cancel your Xbox Game Pass?

Now that you know more about Xbox Game Pass, you might find it quite useful. And some of you might be wondering about the reason for cancelling it. Since this is a streaming service, you have to pay for its monthly subscription. But if you are not using it anymore, Xbox Game Pass can still deduct money from your bank account. This is due to its auto renewal feature which automatically pays for your next month’s subscription. Such a feature can be quite useful if you plan on using Xbox Game Pass for a long time. Although, if you want to get rid of the monthly subscription, you need to cancel your Xbox Game Pass. And once you have done that, it will not deduct money from your account.

Steps to Cancel Xbox Game Pass Subscription:

After going through all this information related to Xbox Game Pass, the chances are that a lot of you would like to cancel it as well. Thankfully, it is quite easy to do so by accessing your Microsoft Account and then going into Xbox settings. As a result, even if you are new to Xbox Game Pass, you can easily cancel your subscription. And once you have done that, it will not detuct any money from your account. You can simply go through the following steps one by one to successfully cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription:

  • First, open your Microsoft Account Services tab by following this link.
  • Now, login with your Microsoft Account that you have used to purchase the Xbox Game Pass.
  • After that, go into the Xbox Game Pass section by scrolling down on this webpage.
  • Once you have found this section, click on the Manage option which will open extra settings for Xbox Game Pass.
  • Now, click on the Change option next to the recurring billing option and select Turn off recurring billing.
  • Finally, save your settings and close this tab on your browser. Doing this will successfully cancel your Xbox Game Pass and you will not face any charges in the future.


We hope that you are now able to successfully cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription without any issues. You can simply go through this article to learn more about Xbox Game Pass and how does it work. As a result, you can know more about the benefits of canceling your Xbox Game Pass subscription. But most importantly, you can find the step by step guide for canceling your Xbox Game Pass subscription in this article. In case you liked this article, then make sure to share it on social media. If you have any doubts regarding any of the solutions, feel free to ask any queries in the comments section below.

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