Buy a PayPal Gift Card

How to Buy PayPal Gift Card Online?

Paypal has established itself to be one of the leading digital money transaction portals all around the world. Found in the year, 1999 Paypal started as a US-based company but was acquired by eBay in the year 2002. Since then, there has been a revolution in the growth of the company. Paypal is now available almost all over the face of the planet.

Paypal came up with the idea of gift cards once their business started to grow internationally. No matter where ever you are from, you can use the same Paypal account in all their service provider nations. Paypal gift cards are something that can be gifted to anyone with an email id. Instead of offering a person a gift they might not even have a use for, one can simply send them a PayPal gift card. These gift cards from PayPal can be used in all their partnered companies. These companies include some of the international brands what the world is no stranger to.

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How to Buy a PayPal Gift Card?

First of all, to buy a PayPal gift card, you must have authorized PayPal account. So the initial step would be to sign in into the application and have an authorized mail id under PayPal.

  • Once you are into the application, you can simply go to the PayPal store that will be available on their platform. There are a lot of choices to choose from. It is up to you to choose which PayPal gift card that you want to purchase.
  • Once the selection process is done, you will have to give the details of the purchase. To the “To” section enter the email address of the person who you want to sent the gift card to. The payment can be made through PayPal itself.
  • Normally the receiver gets the gift card within hours of the purchase, but just in case PayPal asks for 24 hours transaction time.
    The gift card will be sent to the receiver in the form of a link which will contain the code which forms the digital gift card.

In the case, the receiver does not get the gift card within 24 hours from the time of purchase. It is recommended to contact their customer support.

How to redeem a PayPal gift card?

Paypal gift cards can be redeemed in any online transaction portal. During the check out phase search for “coupons” or “code” or for a code scanner, simply scan your gift card code or type the gift card number and the gift card will be applied to the purchase.

In real-time use, some scanners cannot scan the code from the mobile. So if you intend to use the PayPal gift card in any physical store, it is recommended to carry a print out of the code. Any gift card will have a lifetime of 180 days. If not used within that period, the gift card will get expired and becomes invalid.

Paypal gift cards can be used as part of the purchase or for the whole order itself. It depends on the value of the gift card and the value of the purchase. These PayPal gift cards can even be used in Amazon, Flipkart, and many such online stores. O1 out of 4 auctions in eBay is done either through PayPal directly or through PayPal gift cards. If in case there is an issue with the gift cards and they cannot be used before their expiration time, the PayPal customer support is always there to help.

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