Best Total War Games 2020 – Top Ranked List

Total War game series is a very popular Strategy game series for computers developed by The Creative Assembly based on history and period wars. Since the year 2000, 13 Total War games have been released with the most recent one released in May 2019 and the next one is lined up for release in 2020. These games combine strategy and resources management within real-time tactical battles as well as awesome graphics which leaves with unparalleled gaming experience. The game is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms.

Ranking these games can spark a battle since every Total War game has its own experience and it purely depends on your mood to have the best game lined up. Someone may prefer fighting the battle in Japan with samurais, others may love it in Europe or Rome. Your choice of visual location is what makes the best game however we have compiled a list that will satisfy most of the fans of Total war and will also help new gamers in finding out more about different authentic titles of Total War series and rushing their adrenaline.

1. Total War Shogun 2

The game that takes a top spot in this list of top 10 Total War Games is the second installment of the Shogun series within the main series. Released back in 2011, Shogun 2 was met with a positive reception by both critics as well as gamers. It holds the aggregate score of 90% on Metacritic, apart from that it is also rated quite highly by some other renowned reviewers.

The game is set in 16th century Japan in post Onin War era. Due to the results of wars, now the country is divided into a number of different clans and now those clans are fighting amongst themselves in order to secure land, food and other resources. Your job is to take control of one of those clans and lead your clan to the glory. There is a total of 8 clans to choose from and each clan has its own military strengths. The game uses turn-based strategy system and real-time tactics which is what makes the game enthralling. Total War Shogun has a great flow to it and as you progress you will come across some amazing stuff.

2. Total War Attila

Total War Attila was released in 2010 and just like its predecessors, it is available on Microsoft Windows and OS X and Linux. The game takes place in the late antiquity era in 395 AD. You take control of a character of Attila and you are going to help dominate the entire region. In total there are three regions available on the map and you are free to conquer any of them. The story is focused on the Roman Empire which has now fallen into chaos and disruption. After the death of the emperor, now the empire is split between his sons. Due to internal resistance and rebellion, the empire is on the verge of colliding and now is your time to rise up.

3.Total War Napoleon

This was the sixth installment in the Total War game series and the first-ever to focus on the adventures of a single man. The game was released in 2010 and is available to play on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.
You take the role of Napoleon himself or one of his arch-rivals. The game follows the same format as that of any game in the series of Total War games. It is turn based and you will have to manage everything within real time.
The game features two types of gameplays, turn based geopolitical campaign and real time tactics battle. In the former, you will have to manage and build everything from scratch while in the latter one, you command a huge army and lead them to the battlefield.

4. Empire: Total War

Next one of the list is the Empire version which was released in 2009. The game takes place in the early modern period from the year 1700 to 1800. It is focused on dominating the entire world by managing resources, economy, military force and other things at convenience. Unlike other Total War games that have certain objectives, Empire deviates from the tradition and only puts entire attention on managing the nation at your own aid which ultimately results in refreshing experience.

5. Total War: Warhammer 2

Warhammer 2 follows two different stories, namely the Battle of the Vortex and Rise of the Tomb Kings. Both of them offer different features and gameplay types. Its campaign mode has a stellar amount of things to do. As the game is a turn-based strategy you will have to manage armies, get involved in diplomatic deals, participate in wars and do likewise things. The AI in this game is very competitive and has received a lot of good reception.

6. Total War: Warhammer

Both of the Warhammer games were something due to their campaign mode being more competitive than other ones. This first one in the Warhammer series was released back in 2016. Warhammer has a fantasy setting which is what separates the game from previous Total War games. With Fantasy setting, there are many fascinating things that you will experience in the game. With the Metacritic score of 86/100, it is one of the highest rated turn-based strategy games of all time.

7. Total War Medieval 2

Like its name, Medieval 2 takes place in the medieval period (from the year 1080 to 1530). It covers the region of Europe, North America, and the Middle east. Just like its predecessor, it features two modes of gameplay which are campaign mode and battle mode. There aren’t any special storylines in campaign mode but the mechanics in the game and AI serve a great deal and make the entire mode quite interesting. Battle mode allows you to take control of an army and engage in a battle. You have to use real-time tactics in order to prevail over your enemies.

8. Total War: Thrones of Britannia

Alfred the Great has just defeated Viking invaders and now it’s time to choose the new king. You assume the role of leader of any of the factions from 10 factions that are available in the game. Some of them are Wessex, Mercia as well as Vikings. Since the game is set in the British Isles, the map is comparatively much smaller but each faction has its own military and features which don’t let the lack of region hamper your gaming experience. The game was released in 2018 and is available to play on Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux.

9. Total War: Rome II

Although Rome II first didn’t make quite an expected impact due to a lot of glitches in the game upon the fixes, it was well received by everyone. Everything is the same as its predecessor but an interesting thing they’ve introduced in this game is the use of Warscape Engine which allows you to focus on an individual soldiers when in war.

10. Total War: Three Kingdoms

The latest release in the series of Total War games is nothing but a fabulous visual treat. The campaign modes of the game are based on the novels of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Records of the Three Kingdoms respectively.

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