5 Best Game Controllers for iPhone 11 & 11 Pro Max

Apple has lately launched its radically improved new iPhone 11 and mobile gamer around the world has started to find ways and means to make the device their next gaming platform. Apple itself has described this device as a gaming beast. With its massive screen size of 6.1 inches, it is quite harder for some people to get a good grip on the mobile phone, which is one of the major aspects of mobile gaming. This can lead a mobile gamer to have a bad authority over his device or poor gaming performance.

Are you also frustrated about your performance or feel cheated to have an iPhone 11? Relax! There are other alternatives too to improve your gaming environment and optimize your performance. There are several plug and play devices available in the market for the same cause; however, all of them do not provide the performance required for a specific device like iPhone 11. This blog is going to focus on some of the best game controllers in the market for your iPhone 11. Enjoy the blog!

Best Game Controllers for iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max :

The best thing about the game controllers for iPhone 11 is that they also come up with a phone holder. This makes it easy for you to put the mobile at the proper position to your eyes thus improving the game performance. These are some of the best game controllers you can choose from for your iPhone 11.

1. SteelSeries Nimbus

For the best outcome, the first recommendation can always be SteelSeries Nimbus. It is one of the most favored for professional mobile gamers. The company has been in the market of gaming accessories for a long time and continues to offer quality products to its users. It can be interesting for you to know that this device is specially decorated for iPhone 11 and you can use this device to play games for hours without compromising your performance.

Do you prefer playing multiplayer games with your friends? Well, this is the device for you as it can be used for almost all the multiplayer games like Pubg, Fortnite, Call of duty etc. What can be more exciting to know is SteelSeries Nimbus claims to provide massive 40-hour long battery backup.

2. MOGA Ace Power

The next gaming device that may come in mind is MOGA Ace Power. It has earned fame in the business of game accessories over many years. Initially they used to develop accessories for all android devices, however, they have; also ventured into the market of iPhone gaming devices. You can connect this device to your iPhone over Bluetooth.

The joystick functions well with iPhone devices and a user can gain great precision with it. It comes with a built-in battery of 1800 mAh. Same as SteelSeries Nimbus, this one also delivers service for hours without any need to charge it up. MOGA Ace Power can work as an alternative power source for your iPhone.

3. Rotor Riot

It would be wise to put Rotor Riot in the third position in the list. A unique feature about Rotor Riot is that it comes with some extra buttons to give you full control over your iPhone while gaming. This controller connects the device with a cable. This may lag behind its competitors as it does not provide Bluetooth support; however, you have to admit that this is one of the fastest controllers you can play with. You can be excited to know that this device has an awesome functionality of charging your iPhone and Rotor Riot device itself at the same time.

So, you can literally forget about battery life and experience uninterrupted gaming. This joystick supports hundreds of other applications too. It can be very helpful for those who are accustomed to Xbox as the key binding of both the devices is almost the same.

  • Best for PUBG & Fortnite

4. Gamevice

The first thought that may come to mind about this controller is its great design and build quality. It is very light and skillfully positions your phone in the center of your controller. Gamevice controller is offered in two pieces that hold your phone in between.

Gamevice does not offer Bluetooth connectivity to its users, thus making the design slicker and the existence of battery futile. You can use your old headphones with this device as it has the port for 3.5 mm jack. It is easy to set up and delivers a smooth gaming experience.

5. Horipad Ultimate

Horipad Ultimate overpowers all other competitors in the market in the aspect of its build quality. It feels so light yet it comes with a big battery. It has 4.1 levels of Bluetooth connectivity. It is successful in delivering uninterrupted performance for a relatively long time. Hori claims their product to deliver as long as 80 hours of battery backup.

  • Works Best for Call of Duty!

Choosing your game controller:

With the availability of hundreds of joysticks in the market, it is quite confusing to choose the right one for your device. Varying on its functionality, joysticks can become with a different price range and it will be also useless to select the high-end controllers for relatively fewer workloads. Mobile devices have been developed, and so are the games. With upcoming multiplayer online games, it is quite impossible to use old joysticks. Given the detailed list of joysticks, here is a brief analysis of them for you to understand.

Some users are obsessed with technology as much as to compromise their gaming performance. This is somehow a wrong decision to choose Bluetooth connectivity over wired one for the sake of user-friendliness. Products, such as SteelSeries Nimbus and MOGA Ace Power has, however, bought a revolution in the era of mobile gaming with their uninterrupted performance over Bluetooth connectivity and massive battery backup.

Gamevice is very intuitive about ergonomics but it falls much behind its competitors as it is unable to hold your mobile device if it is covered. However, if you are ready to take the pain of removing the cover every time you play a game, this can be a great choice for you, as it holds the phone so tight within its arms. Its non-existence of battery also puts a great concern on the device’s battery life. If you compare Horipad Ultimate and SteelSeries Nimbus, you can find out that both of them carry similar designs and price tags. However, Horipad Ultimate’s build quality feels much more premium to touch. Horipad Ultimate is a little heavier than the other for its large battery size.

As far as a device’s pairing is concerned, you should be informed that Nimbus steps ahead of other controllers. Other comparatively best controllers have a pairing button that is not available in Nimbus. Nimbus can be uncomfortable for people with relatively big hands as the buttons in the joysticks are placed close to each other. Horipad Ultimate’s ABXY buttons and Directional pad are placed well enough for people with relatively long fingers.

As stated before, Gamevice can be the best inline as it connects your mobile phone through lightning port, which makes gaming performance much faster. Its decision to keep the old headphone port is highly welcoming. It is recommended to choose Gamevice over others as its slick design possesses a very small area, enough to fit your pocket. However, you have to take care of the trigger button as they are a little weaker compared to other controllers. Rotor Rite can be the best option for FPS online games.

What’s best about Rotor Riot is, it offers both Bluetooth and wired connectivity to your phone. Rotor Riot comes after so much development that there are only a few games that support all buttons of Rotor Riot. Now you have come to know about all gaming joysticks available for iPhone 11 and different purposes they serve. It is up to you to choose the one you need. Enjoy your gaming experience.

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