Best Browser Games To Play (Without Download) In 2019

What you exactly do when you get some downtime at work? Do you have anything to devote your time to during leisure time at home? Well, if you have got nothing to do to spend your leisure time at home or at the office, then the best solution is browser games.

There are in fact thousands of Online Browser Games available that run solely in the browser and no need of downloading the pesky apps or games on phone to kill its memory.

List of Best Browser Games:

Some of these browser games are downright awful, while some of interesting to play with. But how to know which are the Best Browser Games to spend your time with? Well, to make the process a bit simpler for you here is the list of some browser games that you would find interest in.

1. Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is the popular browser game today that comes with some incredible addictive formula. The game player involves making several cookies in the stipulated timeline simply by clicking on it again and again. After clicking for 15 times, you can successfully spend the cookies on the cursor, which is the power up that automatically clicks for your specific need.

Upon successful creation of 100 cookies, you will become eligible to hire grandma to bake the cookies for you and she can prepare one cookie in one second. The gameplay continues with such a vein and it lets you to invest in powerful production units while upgrading the individual cookie maker output.

2. Abobo’s Big Adventure

If you are missing the classic days of 8-bit adventure games, then Abobo’s Big Adventure can help you regain it again. This is one of the Best Browser Games today that come with the simple beat-em-up tone with classic chiptune and simple mechanics.

Gamers are required to use A and S keys to kick and jump and also as navigational keys to move forward on the screen. The character needs to encounter enemies on his way and kill them down until reaching their HP bar located at the bottom of the screen. It is gamely sated with classic references. You need to fight with the Black and White Spies, Goombas and Donkey King.

3. Line Rider

It is one of the best classic games that is widely enjoyed by people even today. The entire gameplay is simple. You need to create the track for a man on the sled to ride smoothly. The game is based on physics which means steeper slopes are equal to more speed, while shallow slopes and uphill sections are for more speed control.

Build the track and hit the start button to check how the sled rider performs. If it is not up to the mark, you can stop the game and erase the section for further modifications. You may also try out the loop-de loops and jumps and ensure to have sufficient speed to complete the task.

4. Threes

This is the classic puzzle game which is inspired mainly from much loved 2048. This is easy to play the game on the browser, but very challenging to master it. Players start the game with a random assortment of tiles which they need to move using the arrow key. To win the game they need to combine the tiles in slots. Players need to combine “1” tile “2” tiles and then with “3” so as to create a combination.

There are 16 empty spaces on the board and hence it is quite challenging to play with. You can see the upcoming tiles and hence there is a element of strategy involved in the game.


Agario is basically the PVP game where only the mouse is involved in the gameplay. Players start the game with a small circle and then they gradually traverse the screen to eat all the circles smatter than their circles and gradually the size increases as they move forward eating the circles.

As the circle grows bigger it may collide with other circles and your circle may even get eaten by other players and the game gets over.

So, these were some of the amazing and Best Browser Games to play online on your mobile and PC browser for free.

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