How to Check Apple Gift Card Balance Online in 5 Minutes!

Apple customers have certainly lots of perks to stay hooked onto. While you can get access to several Apple tunes, every member has its own significant Apple ID, which is unique in nature. This ID can be used to make all in-app purchases and most importantly gift cards. Apple gift cards are not like ordinary shopping vouchers. You can use the funds in your gift card to buy exclusive Apple deals, starting with unlimited shows, web series, and even music. Specific apps can be purchased as well with the help of this Gift card.

Checj Apple Gift Card Balance – Different Methods

If you are new to Apple and unsure about how to use this gift card, then certain points must be made clear to you. Once you receive your Apple ID, you are entitled to check Apple Gift card balance. This can be done both from the app and the website. Before making any purchases from the Apple store, you must check the amount that is still left on your gift card. Once you enter your ID, the respective amount gets automatically deducted from the card! The process is completely safe and easy to use!

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Check the Balance from the Apple Website:

As a loyal user of Apple, you are expected to check your gift card balance before you initiate transactions with it. In order to check the balance easily, the most successful method is through the website. The Apple website gets updated on a regular basis so that individuals can keep track of the latest apps and other features. Every bit of IOS information is also available on the website. To check  Apple gift card balance instantly, just follow the steps written below:

  • Log onto the website of Apple store first. Once you open the website, you must scroll the page to the bottom and click on sign in.
  • This sign-in option is for you to enter the details of your Apple ID.
  • Enter the details of your ID and save it.
  • Now enter relevant details of your gift card and its subsequent password.
  • Click on, ‘’check the balance’’ to see your minimum amount left on the card. You would instantly see your name being displayed too.

For redeeming Apple gift card balance without logging onto the website, you can seek additional help from the customer care service or Apple store support. Choose the topic for which you need help and the experts would immediately assist you with a solution. Once you get to know your balance, the customer care service would open up a survey window for you. Just enter your level of experience on a scale of 1 to 10. This survey aims at improving customer satisfaction and serving all Apple users in a better manner!

Check Apple Gift Card Balance Using With Apple App:

With Apple users increasing day by day, the introduction of the Apple App has made it more significant in terms of handling the traffic. The application opens with a single touch and you can instantly get access to all Apple ideas under one roof. Even redeeming coupons and purchasing items with the gift card is now easier through the application. Since this application is available on IOS devices, installing it is simple. Therefore, to check Apple gift card balance, just read the steps down below:

1. Checking Balance on iPhones

For all iPhone users, checking the Apple gift card balance is just a tap away. After you have downloaded the app from the store, enter your card details and click on, ‘know your balance’’. Just be patient until your balance pops up on the screen. Sometimes, the balance window might ask some verification questions as well. So you must save your details along with your Apple ID for fruitful balance inquiry anytime you want!

2. Checking Balance on Android Devices

For checking the Apple gift card balance on Android devices, the service is unable through the app. Since the Apple play store cannot be downloaded on any Android device, you must check the balance through the website itself! However, the Apple application is available on your MAC device and you can accordingly check your gift card transactions!

Other things you can do from the App:

The Apple application has various uses. Apart from checking the balance amount left on the gift card, the application is useful from various angles. In short, some of the most vital uses are listed below:

  • Download unlimited apps for your Ipad and MAC devices: Once you download the Apple application, you are free to use the platform for downloading unlimited movies, music and even TV shows. You can make in-app purchases as well like downloading Apple Music etc.
  • Get details about every purchase: With every purchase you make, you can see its details on the application. Just click on the purchased section to know your latest in-app application downloads!
  • Report issues: If you are currently facing issues with the store or with any significant application, then feel free to raise an issue. You can track down the issue to see its status. Once it is solved, you would immediately receive an email of confirmation!
  • Parental control: The Apple app has a parental lock in order to avoid children using it. This helps in maintaining privacy as well!

Final Thoughts

For every other detail related to your Apple gift card balance, the application plays a vital role in fulfilling all your needs. You must update the app whenever a new version comes in order to enjoy all the latest benefits. In order to enhance the user’s experience of using the app, individuals can now store the gift card information permanently. This means that you do not have to enter every specific field again but move onto checking your balance directly! This has led to a huge success in determining the balance of every specific gift card transaction effortlessly!

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