How to Check American Express Gift Card Balance?

While there are various ways to get in touch with your gift card balance, American Express makes it all the easier for the users to maintain transparent transactions. If at any point in time you want to check your own history, you can agree to terms and conditions of service to proceed with the balance statement. Perhaps you visit a store with a low balance on your card, the situation can terribly be embarrassing for you. Starting with the objective to know your American Express gift card balance, all complex situations can be taken care of if you know your financial limits straightaway!

Check Gift  Balance from American Express Website:

If you are busy at a store, shopping for some clothes for your family and friends, you might have the urge to confirm your gift card balance. Therefore, simply connect to the store’s internet connection or WIFI and keep track of the following process:

  • The first step that you must follow is to get hold of the American Express card website. You must open the portal and access its features for easy authentication of card details.
  • The second step comprises clicking on the option that is labeled as, ‘verify and review your card balance’. By initiating the process, you must now login to your own account.
  • The balance window asks the user to fill in certain details. Enter your 15-digit American Express card number in the small box without any special characters or spaces. Make sure that the number you have entered is correct and don’t forget to cross-check it.
  • Now enter the expiry date that is printed on the card. For example, 09/22. Here 09 is the month and 22 is the year of expiry.
  • Next, enter the four-digit security code that you have chosen for the card. Do not misplace the digits or else you might end up with an error.
  • The next box consists of your email address. This isn’t compulsory for you but you might do so for an extra inch of safety.
  • By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the American Express gift card service, you can now check the balance. The details come on your screen and you must keep the amount in your mind. After the service, you can logout.

While checking your American express gift card balance on the website is practically very easy, you can also dial up the toll-free number and get to know the balance instantly. The number is available on the online portal and the customer service is quick and delivers your balance without keeping you waiting for long!

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A Brief Information About American Website App:

In order to help all American Express gift card users with suitable transaction information 24*7, the American Express application is the perfect solution that can directly assess your balance sheet and display your amount without any delay. The application is specifically available on Android as well as Apple devices. Downloading the app and its subsequent installation is pretty simple. In order to check the balance in the respective fields, let us look at the details mentioned below.

1. Checking Balance on iPhones

All iPhone users can now get instant access to their American Express card balance. After the application has been installed, you must opt for the option. ‘check gift card balance’. Since your card details are already saved in the app, you do not have to waste your time by writing it again. On clicking okay, the amount left on your gift card gets displayed.

2. Checking Balance on Android Devices

It is easier for all Android users as well to get in touch with their American Express gift card balance. To start off with the process, just click on ‘check the card balance’, and the amount would be displayed immediately! Now you can keep track of all your transactions and spend according to your balance with the help of the American Express app.

Benefits of the American Express App:

The American express application has varied uses. Without hassling to get things done, the app successfully lives up to the request of its users in every way possible. Therefore, some of the other possible requests that the app lives up to are as follows:

  • Check all your funds:

If you need to know the status of your funds, then use the American Express card application to know its details.

  • Get in touch with your transaction history:

If you want to catch up with your last 10 transaction amounts, then check it via the American Express card application. The time and place of the transaction along with the name of the store is available.

  • Receive SMS or email alerts in case of low balance:

In case you are unaware of the fact that your gift card balance is low and you haven’t checked your balance recently, then update to a smart feature by instantly receiving SMS alerts. Whenever you get low SMS or email alerts, you must update your card balance for efficient purchases!

  • Transfer funds from one account to another:

Lastly, if you need to transfer some funds to your American Express card, then feel free to do so with the app. Get instant updates about your recent card balance without any complex dealings!

Final Thoughts

Check your American Express gift card balance at any significant point of time with the help of the application or even through the website. Accept the terms of service in order to safely transact your business with full balance statements. Receive quick SMS’s every time you use your gift card to pay at a store. Therefore, for making transactions more fruitful and checking out the balance effectively, download the app to receive greater benefits!

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