Video Preview That Boosts User Engagement.

Our video encoding software offers a unique video preview API that makes your videos truly engaging.

Video Preview API

High Resolution PNG and JPEG

With their beautiful, rich colors and wide compatibility, these are the two most popular image formats on the Web. Less is more, because a simple but nice picture can make the difference.

Enjoy the best and most recent Web image standards and give your users the most amazing and richest previewing experience they deserve.

Apply some filters, add a custom border and a drop shadow to make your thumbnails unique.

Filter nofilter
No filter
Filter black
Filter brightness
Filter contrast
Filter gotham
Filter kelvin
Filter lomo
Filter nashville
Filter pixelate
Filter sepia
Filter sketch
Filter surrealistic
Filter tiltshift
Filter toaster
Filter vintage
Video Preview API | High-Res PNG and JPG


Allow your users to get a quick overview of a video's contents at a glance, without having to watch the video from beginning to end. An awesome visual teaser with beautiful screenshots arranged in storyboard style will irresistibly entice users to watch the entire video to see more.

We propose several original templates to fit the length and the resolution of any video.

Video Preview API | Storyboard

Animated GIF

Animated GIFs are definitely hot again. Many popular blogs, websites and social networks such as Tumblr have built their reputation with huge funny GIFs databases.

Give a dynamic preview of your video to get your audience's attention and keep it. Tease and capture your visitors with a captivating animation.

Video Preview API | Animated GIF

Engaging Video Preview made simple

$ curl -u HW-API-Key:apikey -X POST \
-d "media_id=21738377" \
-d "width=600" \
-d "output_url=s3://accesskey:secretkey@bucket/storyboard/" \
-d "ping_url=" \

Video Preview API

Using the Video Preview feature through our API is as easy as pie. You'll just need to add a few lines of code to enjoy an unforgettable video previewing experience.

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