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Clients that use our video encoding platform
We have tried a couple of different companies but HeyWatch was the simplest to use from a engineering perspective, allowing us to quickly encode our videos to support all our different platforms.― Sept 16, 2014 - read more
Santi HerreroCo-Founder and CTO at Edpuzzle
My development team was able to get up and running quickly with the transparant and well constructed HeyWatch API. I am impressed by the speed and quality at which videos are encoded.― Sept 09, 2014 - read more
Nathan SkwortsowFounder of Famipix
Fotolia has been using HeyWatch for months, and we never had any issues. Using latest video formats and codecs is possible just by changing some API requests, saving time and resources.― July 4, 2014 - read more
Ludovic LevesqueCTO at Fotolia
HeyWatch has been cost effective and efficient for us as a startup. With a high volume of videos that we need to transcode the service has coped well with quality output for different formats. ― July 1, 2014 - read more
Amman AhmedFounder at Rormix
It's great to be able to rely on HeyWatch's fast and scalable video encoding service and to know that as digital video evolves we will always have the very latest video formats and encoding features available. ― June 18, 2014 - read more
Matthew CookeCTO and Founder at Unruly
Simply put, having HeyWatch encode our videos allows us to focus on our core business of video captioning and translation. HeyWatch has been encoding Dotsub's video content seamlessly for over 5 years. ― June 04, 2014 - read more
Brooks Lyrette CTO at DotSub
Our entire business model hinges on our ability to process large number of videos. HeyWatch made it all possible without breaking the bank. Now, we can scale up to hundreds of encoding jobs within seconds. ― May 09, 2014 - read more
Kunal Mahajan CTO at Zooppa
HeyWatch is our magically transcoding black box. From their support for big & beautiful HD formats to their direct S3 drop offs, we can guarantee our customers great & speedy playback no matter the device. ― April 17, 2014 - read more
David Small CTO at Fieldlens
Switching to HeyWatch, our encoding success rate improved drastically. Perhaps as crucial, the transition from our previous service during a high volume period was seamless. ― April 2, 2014 - read more
Andrew Arizpe Co-Founder at SchoolTube
We decided to use HeyWatch to allow video uploads in our social network product because the entire implementation process have been extremely satisfying as it provided us with world-class support. ― March 24, 2014
Ronni Egeriis Persson CTO at
We found HeyWatch and not only did we get those extra features, also were pleasantly surprised with the easy of use of the Robot API and a very approachable team who worked with us. ― March 12, 2014
Abel Muiño Developer at Neupic
We've used HeyWatch to encode videos for thousands of our customers. It's been an incredibly helpful and affordable service! ― February 20, 2014
Ben Rugg Founder at Cloversites
We rely on HeyWatch for all our video encoding needs. Easy integration, quick support, fast service and support for multiple formats including HD make it the best in the industry. ― January 8, 2014
Sushil Kumar CTO at AuthorGEN