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 1curl \
 2-u HW-API-Key:k-47f82ca7195a70b342e3245f81fd8d47 \
 3-d '[post:download]
 4url =
 6  [post:job]
 7  video_id = ${post:download:ping::video_id}
 8  format_id = mp4_360p
 9  output_url = s3://access:secret@bucket/web/output.mp4'

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Robust features that let you focus on getting things done.

We scale with you

Whether you encode one or thousands videos daily.

0.69 second of queue time

Only 0.69 second between the job request and the encoding process to start.

Multi-screen transcoding

iOS, Android, browsers and more supported. VP9 & HEVC available in beta.

HTTP Live Streaming

Provide the best video quality no matter the connection (Edge, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi). Read more

Export to CDN

Transfer your encoded videos to Amazon S3, Azure, any FTPs and more. supported CDN

Free test environment

Integrating and running tests with our API is free, no matter how much time it takes.

This Control Panel is your best companion.

API Request Builder

Generate customized code thanks to our intuitive interface.

Ping Inspector

A tool to inspect and debug HTTP notifications we send without writing server-side code.


We save every single API Calls you make in case you want to debug your requests.


Monitor your encoding activity month after month and get an overview over the year.

Video Previews that ROCK.

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Clients that use our video encoding platform
Chris OrdalCEO at Jogg
We chose HeyWatch because we needed a fast, reliable, and scalable media encoding option that we could easily integrate into our platform.
Oct 06, 2014 - read more
Vandit PanvelkarCreative Strategist at Bonzai
It hardly took an hour to have our first encoding request to go through because APIs were very well documented.― Sept 30, 2014
Sept 30, 2014 - read more
John RobinsCEO at Newzpoint LLC
We are delighted and would recommend HeyWatch to anyone. Sept 18, 2014
Sept 18, 2014 - read more
Santi HerreroCo-Founder and CTO at Edpuzzle
We have tried a couple of different companies but HeyWatch was the simplest to use from a engineering perspective. Sept 16, 2014
Sept 16, 2014 - read more
Nathan SkwortsowFounder of Famipix
I am impressed by the speed and quality at which videos are encoded. Sept 09, 2014
Sept 09, 2014 - read more

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